Geometric stamping

Hey guys!

Today I am sharing a stamping mani with you. I am very, very new to stamping so it is far from perfect! These pictures were also taken just before I started the blog. It’s only since I started that I realised how much better it looks if you clean up PROPERLY, and not only more or less, but I still want to post the nails I’ve done before. So, sorry for all the pictures you might be seeing soon without proper cleanup, I promise I’ll put more effort into it from now on!

geometric2I started with 2 coats of Tip Top nail chic – Cha Cha Cha. I had a swatch of it on its own, but it was taken at a different time and my lighting was awful so I just couldn’t get the colour right. You can see it well enough on these pictures.

For the stamping I used LA girl matte in Matte Alpine Green. I have swatches of that for you! On its own:

alpine green

And with a top coat:

alpine shiny 2

Guys, I have to tell you: For a long time, I wasn’t really into matte polishes. I never bought any specifically until I decided to try this one, figuring it was a great colour and I could just topcoat it. Well, this polish changed my mind. As a matte it just has such depth and almost seems to glow from within! I liked it WAY more matte than shiny!

Anyway, back to the stamping mani. I used BM plate 203 for my middle and ring fingers and BM-320 for my thumb, index finger and pinkie. The studs also came from bundle monster.

geometric1As you can see, I had some smearing when I topcoated, but I shall attribute that to my newness at stamping.

And, I have good news! I am going to be trying the 31 Day Challenge as hosted by Chalkboard Nails. I have a plan for the first week, but after that things could get crazy. I hope I can keep up with it! It starts this Sunday.