My first post! Zigzag nails

I am completely new to the world of nail art and even newer to the world of blogging. I still have a lot to learn and for now I just want to share my nails with anyone who cares to look! A lot of the things I will be posting on here will be first attempts and won’t look very professional, but that’s the whole point of learning. Please just be patient with me as I bit by bit figure out how to use my camera to the best of its (limited) abilities, put together the best lighting setup I can manage, and so on. For now, I am just going to get to some nail pics!

For my first post I decided on a simple design I did, but one I liked a lot. It was nothing more than some basic zigzags on a couple of accent nails.

zigzag1The two polishes I used are two of my favourite colours: the green is Rimmel 60 seconds Green with Envy (that’s the bottle I’m holding) and the completely gorgeous purple is Rimmel Metal Rush is Purple Reign. I love love love that colour, but sadly it does seem to bubble a bit for me.


I used striping tape to get the zigzags. I had a lot of fun creating this, simple as it is! On my right hand I switched the colours around, but I couldn’t manage to get a semi-decent photo of it.


I hope you like them!

Any tips to improve on my brand new blog are welcomed 🙂

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