31 Day Challenge – Day 14: Flowers

Hi everyone!

Thank goodness it’s weekend! Time for some rest and relaxation… and to go with that, I have my first ever attempt at using acrylic paints on my nails for you today:

floral1Uhm… can you see that those are flowers? Sort of, maybe? Well, I used a happy springy dress I have for inspiration, which looks like this:

dressCan you see the floral-ness now? Haha. I really enjoyed doing this and I was actually quite proud of myself, hopefully with some more practice I can improve! It’s difficult painting on such a tiny ‘canvas’ as a fingernail, but it’s still fun 🙂


I started off with just one coat of Tip Top Nail Chic In the Navy! If I was going to wear it alone, I’d’ve probably done a second coat, but honestly with one coat it was near perfect. Then I just had fun with my acrylic paints and a tiny little brush.


Sadly, I dozed off before taking photos and my top coat was not yet 100% dry (I didn’t use my usual quick-drying one)… and I am clearly not careful with how I hold my wet nails in my sleep so you can see some sheet marks, especially on my index finger. Silly me! And that was my favourite finger, too! I only realised when I was done that I only did the orange flower once and all the other fingers featured the different pink flowers. But I guess that’s in line with how the dress looks, mostly pink flowers with a few white ones and orange ones in between.


I really enjoyed doing this, and though it’s far from perfect, I think it was worth it!


Tomorrow’s theme is delicate print, check back to see what I have done!

And don’t forget to take a look at the other floral nails: