31 Day Challenge – Day 15: Delicate Print

Hi everyone!

For today’s delicate print nails, I was a bit stumped for ideas. But then I walked past a new little nail salon, and what did I see in their display but Liquid Sand polishes! :-D!!! I was over the moon since I haven’t seen anyone else stocking them in my area. Sadly, she only had 2 colours to choose from so far, but I scooped up What Wizardry is This? and first thing when I got home it went on my nails! Here are 2 coats:

wizardryOh wow. Isn’t that gorgeous? If you’re thinking that it’s just a brown texture, like actual sand on your nails, you couldn’t be more wrong. Yes, it’s brown, but it has a beautiful deep golden sparkle to it, which you can see best on my thumb in the next picture:

wizardry1That reminded me of ancient, tarnished gold, which made it perfect for my delicate print manicure!


This was my first try at stamping over a textured polish, and I think it worked out pretty well. A couple of stamps weren’t perfect, and usually I would have removed them and restamped, but since I didn’t top coat over the texture and I didn’t want to start from scratch, I just left it. I used plate BM-222 and stamped using Essence stampy polish in Stamp me! White.


The biggest mishap was my thumb, where I tried to double stamp to cover my whole thumb and it didn’t line up AT ALL. On the other hand, I don’t think I’d’ve been able to get it to line up even if I’d redone it 1000 times, so that’d probably be the best you’d get anyway. Luckily with the intricate design it still looks pretty. I was actually very proud of my stamping on this, a few weeks ago I wouldn’t have managed such an intricate design at all.


Tomorrow’s theme is tribal print. And, we’re halfway! Hooray, I’ve made it this far! Too bad it just keeps getting tougher, but I am hanging in there šŸ˜€

31DC2013Here’s the link to see what other delicate print nails have been done for today: