31 Day Challenge – Day 16: Tribal Print

Hi everyone!

Today’s theme is tribal print. I just picked a few bright colours and made up a pattern as I went along.

tribal2Firstly, I painted sections or stripes of colour using a small brush in Sinful Colors Innocent (the lime green),┬áCatrice Pimp my Shrimp, NYX Matte Lavender, and Revolution Pastel Boogie (the blue). Revolution’s pastel range really isn’t pastel at all, but makes some lovely brighter colours.


Then I just took a permanent marker and made some tribal-ish patterns on each fingernail. I really wasn’t crazy about this design, but it was my first try at doing a tribal manicure and I think it wasn’t too bad. I ended up liking the pattern on my thumb the best, but perhaps it’s nice to have a different pattern on each one anyway! Of course, I tried a matte version as well:

tribalWhich do you prefer, shiny or matte?


Be sure to come back tomorrow for some glitter nails!

31DC2013Remember to take a look at what tribal nails the other ladies have done for today: