31 Day Challenge – Day 18: Half Moons

Hi everyone!

The 31 day challenge has really been full of firsts for me. Since this is a young blog, practically everything I post is a first in some way for the blog, but many of the designs called for in the challenge I am actually doing for the first time as well. I guess my nail repertoire wasn’t that big!

halfmoon1I started off with NYX matte in Matte Sky Blue for the half-moon part. Once it was dry, I marked off the half-moon shape with a hole reinforcer and painted over my nails with Nails Inc – Belgrave Place. Once that was dry, I made a line of topcoat along the half-moon line and placed the orange glitters using a tacky toothpick.


I was really impressed with how shiny Belgrave Place was, it’s a completely gorgeous polish!


What do you think of the half-moon look? Have you tried it before?

halfmoon3Tomorrow’s theme is galaxy nails, I’ve done mine with each nail a different colour!

31DC2013Don’t forget to click the link to see what other half-moon designs have been done for today:

  • http://vmoller.wordpress.com vonimoller

    I don’t like the sequins so much but the two blues are just GORGEOUS together!

    • http://paintedfingertips.wordpress.com paintedfingertips

      Yeah, I am loving Belgrave Place 😀

  • http://aliquidblog.blogspot.com Alison

    Hey, I nominated you for a Liebster Award! 🙂 http://aliquidblog.blogspot.com/2013/09/liebster-award.html

    • http://paintedfingertips.wordpress.com paintedfingertips

      Wow, thank you! I have another nomination as well, I’ll get to posting it in a few days 🙂

  • http://craftynail.wordpress.com Craftynail

    fun fun fun!! I love that sequin bling!!!!!!!!!

    • http://paintedfingertips.wordpress.com paintedfingertips

      Thank you!

  • http://luchessa.org Luchessa

    This is a really cute mani & reminds me of the Arabian Nights. 🙂

    Thanks for linking up with us in the Friendly Bunch Blog Hop. Don’t miss the next week – you might be the featured blogger!! 😉
    Following you on Google+ now.

    xo, Luchessa.org

    • http://paintedfingertips.wordpress.com paintedfingertips

      Thank you!!

  • http://luchessa.org Luchessa

    no, of course i mean: via WordPress 😉

    • http://paintedfingertips.wordpress.com paintedfingertips

      Haha, I was just about to say, but I don’t even use Google+ for my blog! I’d be very impressed if you could follow me that way 😉

      • http://luchessa.wordpress.com Luchessa

        Haha yeah, sometimes the fingers are faster than the brain…you know one of those days 😛

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