31 Day Challenge – Day 22: Inspired by a Song

Hi everyone!

Today’s nails had to be inspired by a song. I chose my favourite song, Beautiful Day by U2. I’m sure you know it but give it a listen over here:

Aaahhh, that song just always puts a smile on my face! My mani can totally never do it justice… but at least I try, haha!


To me, a beautiful day means sunshine, flowers and butterflies, and I was brimming with ideas to stamp flowers and stick on some fimo butterflies, but in the end time constraints won over. I had to do this in a hurry so I went with a gradient and stickers. Also, please excuse my rather skew nubbins. Both my middle and ring fingers had really bad breaks, and I tried to conceal it for as long as possible but eventually they had to go. Other than tomorrow’s movie nails, which I’ve already done, you’ll have to put up with these until they grow out, I’m afraid.

song1I started with a coat of We Have an Agreen Mint by Tip Top Nail Chic and then sponged on a gradient of We Have an Agreen Mint with Revolution Pastel in Boogie. This was intended to represent some lovely green grass and a beautiful clear blue sky! Once it was dry, I simply stuck on the flowers and butterfly with stickers I had from Planet Nails.

song3I sort of felt like I was cheating using stickers, but then I realised, if they’re made for my nails then why not use them? It’s a simple and fast way of making very pretty nail art!

song2What did you think of these? What do you think of when you think ‘Beautiful Day’? Tomorrow’s theme is inspired by a movie and I’ve got something a little more complex planned for that!

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