31 Day challenge – Day 4: Green Nails

Hi everyone!

Hooray, I am officially DONE with the 3 colours that are not quite me and back into my comfort zone! Green nails! I tried something a bit different for these: My first feather nails.

feathers3And there you have them! I started off painting my nails with Sinful Colors Rise and Shine, not that you can actually see that. Then I did each nail one at a time, painting a thick layer of top coat and sticking the goodness onto it.


My thumb and ring finger got actual feathers. I topped them with a couple of layers of top coat then filed off the excess feather. My middle finger was done using flocking powder – my first try with that as well. Once again, I just stuck it to a thick layer of top coat. The flocking powder got definite Boyfriend approval, since he said it looked like moss (I GUESS moss is a good thing to have on my fingernail… right?) and my pointer and pinkie finger got bar glitter from a Bundle Monster glitter set. The glitter is bluer than the rest, but it was the greenest bar glitter in the set, so it had to do.


I actually really liked the way the flocking powder felt, and the feathers didn’t bother me, but the glitter had a really strange texture once it was on the nail. It was also the most prone to falling off! But overall I think they all imparted a feathery vibe.   31DC2013Check back tomorrow for my blue nails! And don’t forget to see what the other ladies have done:

  • http://milliemuppet.wordpress.com MillieMuppet

    Those are so crazy, I love them!

    • http://paintedfingertips.wordpress.com paintedfingertips

      Thank you! They were really something different for me 🙂

  • http://fingertipfancy.com/ jordie

    love peacock on the nail, but so hard to hold to the nail and get it to lay flat

    • http://paintedfingertips.wordpress.com paintedfingertips

      Yeah, the part I had trouble with was shaping it correctly on the cuticle side of my nail, hence why you see a few strands around the cuticle. I managed to attach it pretty well by sticking it to a thick layer of top coat and then doing another 2 coats of top coat on top of it. That was pretty effective, but it did start pulling up at the edges after a day.

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