Blog awards: Liebster Award and Versatile Blogger Award

Hello ladies!

Today’s post is a bit different. While I’ve been busy with the 31 Day Challenge, I’ve received no less than 3 nominations for blog awards. Considering how recently I started this blog, I was overwhelmed, and I just want to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart, and I hope you continue to like what you see! It’s still mindblowing to know that there are people out there actually interested in what I have to say. I remember how long it look me to decide on where I should start my blog and it wasn’t until I actually sat down properly and took some time to look into topics like web design cms and compared various platforms, to then finally make a decision.

Starting a blog was tough, but I am proud that I actually decided to give it a go, as I would never have been nominated by you lot. Of course, there has been a lot of hard work that has gone into creating this blog, but I’m so proud of how far it’s come. So many people think that all you need to do is write out random blog posts, but there is a lot more to it than that. I know plenty of people who don’t even know where to begin when starting a blog, and often they will look at using a professional company to help them (such as this one here: I’m so proud that I’ve managed to do this myself, but hiring a professional would certainly have come in handy when I was first starting and had no idea where to begin! The first thing I learned though was making sure I knew exactly what needed to be done next. That’s my one bit of advice to anyone starting out.

You need to keep on top of everything – things like gaining social media followers was a tough one. I remember looking at different things that could help me grow my following on Instagram (a friend suggested that I check out when I first started out). But amazingly enough, my following just jumped up from that moment, and I’m so grateful to every single person who has followed, liked and commented on all of my posts. It means so much to me when I see someone loving my work. I want to give a quick shoutout to Beth from The Polish Influenza for nominating me for a Versatile Blogger award, and I got nominations for a Liebster Award from both Aliquid and Nail Art by Divya. Thanks to all 3 of you lovely ladies! I’ve decided to combine all 3 into one post because there is some overlap between them. It’s going to be quite wordy but hopefully, it’s interesting for you! šŸ™‚

LiebsterAward_3lilapples versatileblogger11

The Liebster award is intended to give some exposure to small blogs with less than 200 followers. The rules are as follows:

1) Link back to the blogger who nominated you

2) Answer the 11 questions given to you by the blogger who nominated you

3) Nominate 11 other bloggers with less than 200 followers

4) Go to the blogs you nominated and notify them of your nomination

5) Give your nominees 11 questions to answer.

The rules for the versatile blogger award are simply to link back to my nominator, select new nominees, and share 7 interesting facts about myself.

I’ll start with the Liebster award questions:

A few questions were asked in both nominations, so the questions asked by both were:

1) What made you decide to start blogging?

I was already following a ton of nail art and nail polish blogs, getting ideas, and doing my nails most days. I was having so much fun with my nail art and I wanted to share it with people who would appreciate it as much as I do!

2) What are your favourite colour, brand, and finish?

My favourite colour is the easiest of these – purple! My favourite brand is a little harder. It depends on exactly what I’m looking for, but I am going to go with Tip Top because they make great, good quality, and inexpensive polishes, and they’re based here in South Africa. Tip Top was the one brand I was buying polishes from before my love for nail art was born. As for finish, I really think it depends on what you’re doing. I can’t pick just one because each finish has its own appeal šŸ™‚

3) What base coat, top coat and cuticle products do you like most? / What is your favourite nail treatment?

I haven’t tried all that many different products yet, but the base coat I usually use is Tip Top Toughen Up Maxi Growth base coat. Lately I’ve also been trying Tip Top Miraculous Results and Sally Hansen Nail Nutrition Green Tea + Bamboo Nail Strengthener. I usually use Sally Hansen Insta-Dri as a top coat. I am on the search for the perfect cuticle/nail treatment but my favourite one so far is Sally Hansen Salon Manicure Cuticle Eraser + Balm.

Now, on to the questions specifically from Aliquid:

4) And what about your single favourite polish?

Well, I simply can’t answer that one. It depends on my mood and on what look I’m going for! Something amongst my purples, blues, and greens.

5) Do you have any other hobbies besides nails?

Well, doing my nails helps me to express my artistic side without committing to any huge projects. If I had more time, I’d definitely do some more drawing and painting. Other than that, I love to read science fiction and fantasy, and I do Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as a sport (it’s a martial art. Not such a good combination, actually, as I keep breaking my nails!)

6) What’s your favourite type of nail art to do?

I like trying different types and experimenting! But if I have to pick just one, I’ll choose striping tape manis. I think they are extremely versatile and I am more likely to get it right than with stamping and water marbles!

7) What nail art technique would you most like to be really good at?

I think stamping, because I can see how amazing good stamping looks while average stamping often looks quite bad (like mine, haha!). But I think other techniques that I enjoy, like water marbling for example, can be a bit of a ‘flop’ but still look amazing.

8) What mani are you most proud of?

This is a tough one, but since the question is which I am most proud of rather than which I liked best, it’s between my snow nails and my Finding Nemo nails. I was proud of my snow nails because it was the first time I was 100% happy with my stamping. I was proud of my Finding Nemo nails because I was pretty impressed with the detail in the tiny characters that I got while only using nail polish!



9) What’s your biggest “Nail fail”?

Umm… did you SEE my yellow nails? They were awful! They’d have never seen the light of day if I didn’t HAVE to post yellow nails on that day!

10) What’s your #1 goal for your blog in the future?

I’m not too sure what to say here, all I want to do with my blog is to share my nail art. Obviously, I hope that more people are going to start looking at it too! I hope to also start posting some swatches of my collection but the main content of the blog will always be just fun nail art.

11) Textured polish: Yea or Nay?

A huge and resounding YEA!

And here are the remaining questions form Nail Art by Divya:

6) What/who inspired you to do nail art?

One day I happened to come across some water marbled nails online. I don’t remember how or why I found them, but I was completely amazed. I immediately looked up how it was done and started experimenting with it. It wasn’t an overnight transition, but since that day, I slowly but surely started discovering different types of nail art, and doing my own more and more regularly.

7) What do you want to do in future?

Blog-wise, I just want to keep going and keep posting and hopefully some people will appreciate what I do!

8) What would you like to tell those who are new to this blogging world or who are going to start a blog?

Uhh, well I am brand spanking new to the blogging world… but I think the main thing I would say is just to have fun and post the things you’ve enjoyed. I think it’s important for your photos to be decent as well, which is something I hope to improve on in the future as well because I know mine are only okay.

9) Which nail art technique do you find the easiest and toughest?

I sort of think that’s a trick question. It depends on how complex an attempt of the technique you are trying. I mean, I find it easy to do a random water marble, and completely impossible to do a water marble that looks exactly like flowers on my nails. That said, I am finding stamping really tough because I struggle to transfer the whole image, although I am enjoying learning! Simple stuff like dots is probably the easiest.

10) Which is your favourite TV show?

Doctor Who!

11) Which country would you like to visit?

I can’t choose just one. I’d love to visit France, the UK, Germany, Greece, Egypt, China, Brazil, Chile, the USA, Ireland, and probably dozens of others. The only country I’ve been to besides my home country of South Africa is Namibia, and it is absolutely beautiful there – I’d love to return there as well!

And, now for 7 interesting facts about myself, if I can think of anything that wasn’t covered in those questions!

1) I am studying at the University of Stellenbosch (close to Cape Town) for my Master’s degree in Remote Sensing.

2) I think I live in one of the world’s most beautiful regions! Don’t believe me? Take a look here: (you can click for a bigger image!)



Not the greatest quality photos, but you get the idea.

3) I have the cutest little niece in the whole world. Seriously, look at those big eyes! And I can’t wait to have some tiny little angels of my own running around.


4) I really enjoy making my wardrobe a little ‘different’ – sewing beads on one pair of jeans, drawing on another – it’s fun and you get unique stuff to wear!

5) My boyfriend and I have been together for 18 months and plan to be forever. Here we are together:


6) I am a lover of warm weather and I’m overjoyed that it’s spring here! Time for dresses and bright colours šŸ˜€

7) I grew up in Pretoria, but I love the Cape so much more, with all its natural beauty!

Whew! Finally, I’m sure you’re sick of hearing about me by now!

Now for my nominations. I liked the question format of the Liebster Award so I am nominating the following blogs for Liebster Awards:

1) Ordinary Misfit

2) Madness Nails

3) Dani’s Manis

4) I’ll Take It All

5) Pink & Purple Dots

6) Break Rules Not Nails

7) Nailphotos By Lani

8) Did You Paint Those Yourself?

9) Colorful Cupcake Cat

10) Acidicice

11) Monkey Nails

All of these blogs are amazing and I urge you to go take a look at them! There were even more that I wanted to choose but I tried to stick with those that hadn’t posted the award before. I hope you ladies will accept my nomination and I look forward to reading a bit more about you!

And here are my 11 questions for them:

1) What made you decide to start blogging?

2) What’s your ‘day job’?

3) What is your favourite nail polish brand?

4) What is your favourite polish colour? (It can be a single polish or a colour family!)

5) Which is your favourite blog to follow?

6) What is your favourite type of nail art?

7) Do you have any other hobbies besides nails/blogging?

8) Which is your favourite season?

9) What is your favourite finish for nail polish?

10) What are your future blogging goals?

11) Which manicure are you most proud of?

If you stuck with me till the end of this post, then thank you! Next post I promise you some nail pictures šŸ™‚