Guest post: Tyler from Polished Tickles and Beauty

Hi everyone!

As a new blogger I am constantly looking for ideas both for my nail art and for my blog itself. Last month, I got some inspiration for nail art I wouldn’t usually think of by taking part in the 31 day challenge. Once that was over, I got to thinking about what new things I could do. Last week I started a ‘Tape Mani Monday’ feature where I get to use one of my favourite techniques every week and it keeps me in check to be sure I’m creating some decent nail art. The next thing I thought of was guest posts. I love discovering new blogs when I see a guest post and it also means YOU get to see a different style and perhaps some nail art I’ve never tried before! So, I got in contact with a few different South African bloggers and they agreed to guest post for me! Tyler from Polished Tickles and Beauty was the first to send me some awesome nail art, so that’s what I am sharing with you today.


Hello hello 🙂

I must say I was very honoured to be asked by Kerry to do a Guest post here at Painted Fingertips.

I have been watching Kerry and she is absolutely talented so I feel really privileged to do a post for her.

Today I am going to show you a mani I have been dying to do for a while and it’s so easy to do…

The Patchwork Mani.

We will start out with all the colours used to accomplish this mani:


Inglot 969, Essence Colour & Go in 131 Ballerina’s Charm and 140 Go Bold!, Cina Black Nail Art Pen, Models Own Silver Nail Art Pen and to top it off a coat of Seche Vite.

I used Inglot for my base colour and then roughly added sections of gold and purple.

Guest post patchwork mani

After that it is a matter of drawing the black lines. I have only just got my Cina Pen, it works like a permanent marker basically and is a dream to use. Make this nail art business a little easier hehe.

Guest post patchwork mani

To add finishing touches I drew on the stitching and added some silver to make the black less harsh. Guest post patchwork mani I was truly impressed by how pretty the patchwork looks and how easy it is to achieve. You can keep it really simple by only using a few colours or go “Granma’s Quilt Crazy” and use as many colours as you want!

Thank you so much for reading my post today, please send us the links to your Patchwork Mani’s, I would love to see them.

All the best

Tyler from Polished Tickles



Thank you so much Tyler! I’ve yet to try a patchwork mani, I’m going to have to now! I just love the silver over the stitches 🙂 Tyler has also created a Facebook page especially for South African nail artsits, so go check that out too!

I hope you enjoyed my first guest post, next Wednesday I’ll have another lovely one for you!

  • Tyler Vivier

    Yay awesome, Thanks again Kerry 😀

  • OrdinaryMisfit

    Love this. Fabulous job Tyler!

    • Tyler Vivier

      Thanks so much M xxx

  • vonimoller

    Grandma quilt crazy LOL! LOVE IT!
    Also love the patchwork mani! Especially the colours!

    • Tyler Vivier

      Thank You so much V I also love the colours, thought they looked great together

  • Talia

    Awesome! So pretty! I definitely want to try this! 🙂

    • Tyler Vivier

      You should, its so easy and fun 😀

  • Catherine Dream

    This is awesome!
    Plus, I love all colours Inglot. And I agree, guest posts are a great way to discover new blogs and bring some variety : )