Born Pretty Store Tribal Textures: Swatches part 1

Hi everyone!

A few weeks ago I received my very first order from the Born Pretty Store. Of course, I couldn’t resist their textured polishes, so I got the set of 12 colours! I’ve broken the swatches down into 3 posts so I’ll show you the first 4 colours today.

Firstly, a note about the formula. It varied from one polish to another, but in general they were thick and VERY slow-drying. I recommend using these only when you have plenty of time to do your nails or they will get messed up! Some were only a little slower than normal polishes while others really took forever. Some were also thicker than others and with a creme polish there might have been a minor disaster, but it didn’t bother me all that much with the textures. I also think it’s nothing that can’t be fixed with a few drops of thinner. It was mostly the darker colours (not in this post) that had the thicker formula, so these were slow-drying but not that bad. Shown below are 2 coats of each polish.

On to the polishes! First up is number 01. The polishes don’t have names, only numbers. This is a white texture with silver glitters.

botn pretty store tribal texture 01 white

As you can see, it has a decent amount of texture and looks quite delicate and pretty. I forgot to try this one with top coat but in this case, I don’t think it would make that huge a difference to the overall look of the polish except to add some shine.

botn pretty store tribal texture 01 white

This looks like an attempted dupe of OPI’s Solitaire, so of course I did a comparison.

botn pretty store tribal texture 01 white comparison with OPI liquid sand solitaire

Solitaire is on my thumb and ring finger with Tribal 01 on my index, middle and pinkie fingers. Solitaire has a slightly brighter, cleaner white colour and you can see a difference in the texture. Application and drying time for the OPI was far better than for the Tribal one, but it’s tough to beat Liquid Sands. The glitter distribution is pretty equal in both and while it’s no dupe, they do appear pretty similar. Personally I prefer Solitaire but the Tribal one is considerably cheaper, less than half the price here in fact.

botn pretty store tribal texture 01 white comparison with OPI liquid sand solitaire

Next up is a baby pink, Tribal texture number 13.

pink 1

This one is unique to my collection, although I think it was intended as a dupe to OPI’s Pussy Galore. Even though I don’t wear pinks all that often, I really liked this shade.

pink 3

This is definitely going to see some use in nail art as my only pink texture! Below I added a topcoat to my thumb and pinkie. I’m not sure why the lighting looks so different as the pictures were taken at the same time, but at least you can see the difference the top coat makes. Obviously, top coat takes away from the texture, but the polish does still have the same sparkle and a top coat could help it last.

pink tc

Third is the gold, Tribal Texture number 11.

botn pretty store tribal texture 11 gold

This is also unique in my collection. I tend to steer clear of golds because they don’t suit my skin tone but this will definitely be used in some nail art.

botn pretty store tribal texture 11 gold

This polish doesn’t have a particularly strong texture but it is enough to supply that scattered sparkly look. Below I’ve again top coated my thumb and ring finger to show the difference.

botn pretty store tribal texture 11 gold

This final picture seems to show the colour a bit better, although it still clashes with my skin tone and gives me lobster fingers.    botn pretty store tribal texture 11 goldThe last one I’m showing you today is my favourite of these four, if not my favourite overall. As far as I know there isn’t any other textured polish out there like it. It’s Tribal texture number 15 and it’s a delightful seafoam green.

botn pretty store tribal texture 15 green

I love this polish. It’s really oceany and mermaidy and lovely. It is barely textured but I think it’s a gorgeous colour and I love the combination with the darker green glitters. botn pretty store tribal texture 15 green

This is definitely unique to my collection. I can foresee enjoying this polish a lot more in the future as well.

botn pretty store tribal texture 15 green

I think the picture below is the one showing top coat on my thumb and ring finger, although you can barely see any difference on the picture. In reality, I actually preferred this with top coat, because it increased the depth slightly and because the texture on this was anyway quite subtle. I feel like you may as well add top coat to enjoy the lovely colour a little longer. botn pretty store tribal texture 15 green

Which was your favourite of these textured polishes?