Guest Post: Siobhan from For the Love of Nail Art

Hi everyone! Today I have another AMAZING guest post for you. Siobhan from For the Love of Nail Art has done some really beautiful nails for this post 🙂 She is another South African nail art blogger and I LOVE her blog, I highly recommend you go check it out! On to the nails!


Fearless Butterflies and Sugar Skulls

I don’t get asked every day for guest posts from people who aren’t close friends so it was an incredible honour when Kerry asked me to write for her, purely because I’d been following her for a little while and got to love all her art because she’s so fearless. She’s making water marble her biatch!

I didn’t know what to do for Kerry so I took her fearlessness and did something I was always scared to try – Butterfly Wing art.
The Sugar Skulls are inspired by POLISH ALCOHOLIC and I threw them in for Halloween.
I didn’t follow her tutorial, I was just inspired by her photo (as usual) that she uploaded to insta 😉

What did I use for my butterflies:
Tip Top’s Cream Puff – three coats before ombre,
Tip Top’s Solar Flare and Essence’s Wanna be your Sunshine for the ombre,
Essence Black is Black for the nail art as well as my fine nail art brush. I also used Sinful Colors Snow me White for the dots details.

DSCF1343 polishes used for kerry's mani

I followed this simple tutorial for my butterfly wings by Nail Art for Fun.

DSCF1323 For kerry

I know it needs work and next time I’d FIRST do my skull’s eyes BEFORE I do the nose lol but it felt good to try something different and daunting on my right hand too. I am quite proud of it 😀DSCF1324 for kerryKerry you make me fearless!


Woah! Don’t those butterfly wings look amazing? And the sugar skull too! The colours are just gorgeous 🙂

Thanks SO much Voni for this amazing post, I’m not sure how I am the fearless one when I haven’t been brave enough to do butterfly wings OR sugar skulls yet but now they’re both on my blog thanks to YOU!

Don’t forget to go check out Siobhan’s blog as well!