Christmas nails

Hi everyone!

Merry Christmas to you all! Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, I hope that you have a peaceful day. Christmas nails have been all over the place the past few weeks and I decided to create some of my own. Unfortunately, they didn’t come out quite as I envisioned, but at least they are Christmassy. christmas-nails-charlie-revlon-lady-in-red-sinful-colors-bombshell-stamped-bm-302-holly-bm-205-christmas-tree-bm-322-presents-fimo-caneI started off with 2 coats of Revlon Charlie Lady in Red, which is a gorgeous bright red and a great Christmas colour. I then added a coat of Sinful Colors Bombshell, which is quite a mix of glitters but predominantly green. The two go great together and bring together the two most Christmassy colours!christmas-nails-charlie-revlon-lady-in-red-sinful-colors-bombshell-stamped-bm-302-holly-bm-205-christmas-tree-bm-322-presents-fimo-caneI stamped the holly on my thumb using plate BM-302, the Christmas tree on my ring finger is BM-205 and the pattern on the other 3 fingers is from BM-322. I added two fimo presents under the tree and topped it with another coat of Bombshell. christmas-nails-charlie-revlon-lady-in-red-sinful-colors-bombshell-stamped-bm-302-holly-bm-205-christmas-tree-bm-322-presents-fimo-caneEven though they might not have worked out quite like the picture I imagined, these Christmas nails put a smile on my face. This is the first Christmas that Mr Boyfriend and I are spending together (we were dating last year, but each spent it with our own families), so it’s pretty special. I hope you all have an incredible Christmas, whatever you are doing today. christmas-nails-charlie-revlon-lady-in-red-sinful-colors-bombshell-stamped-bm-302-holly-bm-205-christmas-tree-bm-322-presents-fimo-cane