Christmas water marble

Hi everyone!

Christmas is getting really close now! Today’s nails aren’t specifically Christmas-themed but they definitely are Christmas-appropriate with a red, green and gold colour scheme 🙂


I like my thumbnail on this one because the colours are a bit more evenly distributed but I think they all work well together. I started with a white base coat of Sally Hansen White On and then I marbled with Charlie Revlon Lady in Red and Tip Top Nail Chic Gold Digger and We Have an Agreen Mint. christmas-water-marble-tip-top-we-have-an-agreen-mint-gold-digger-and-charlie-revlon-lady-in-redThey all worked great for marbling, but Lady in Red spread over the water a lot more than the other 2, which is why it’s the main colour you see – and why it looks so pink!christmas-water-marble-tip-top-we-have-an-agreen-mint-gold-digger-and-charlie-revlon-lady-in-redYou probably know by now that I always love water marbles so I obviously enjoyed these. I hope you did too! Are you getting into the Christmas spirit?christmas-water-marble-tip-top-we-have-an-agreen-mint-gold-digger-and-charlie-revlon-lady-in-red