December Tri-polish Challenge Part 1

Hi everyone!

The tri-polish challenge hasn’t been that popular the past couple of months, but I still enjoy it, so I decided to take part this month. The month’s theme is a little different – gold and silver with colour accents. A couple of my manis might be more colour with gold and silver accents, but it is a pretty open theme.

The colours I chose are: for gold – Tip Top Nail Chic Gold Digger, and for silver – Tip Top Nail Chic Armourplate. Both of these are foils which are amazing for stamping, which you’ll see with the later nails!

Firstly today I have a swatch of Gold Digger on its own. I recently built my own lightbox and got a second lamp to try and improve on my photos, and I am loving the results. Over the next few weeks you’ll see a combination of pre-lightbox and with lightbox photos, but hopefully from next year I’ll be able to take most of my pictures with the lightbox and you’ll see a gradual improvement in my pictures.


This is two coats of Gold Digger. Most golds and yellows really don’t compliment my skin tone, so I rarely wear them – I bought this one especially for stamping. Once it was on, though, I actually liked it. I doubt I’ll start wearing gold all the time, but it didn’t make my skin look terrible and it’s really a great colour. tip-top-nail-chic-gold-diggerOkay, so my skin might look a bit red, but I expected much worse with a colour like this. So it gets two thumbs up from me!

tip-top-nail-chic-gold-digger-saran-wrap-armourplate-stamped-born-pretty-store-blue-moyou-suki-04For the challenge, I started with this base then used the cling wrap/saran wrap technique to add Armourplate on top. I then stamped it using a blue stamping polish from the Born Pretty Store and Moyou Suki collection 04. I’ll have more on the Moyou plates tomorrow – tomorrow’s nails are actually the first ones I did with my new Moyou plates – but for now let me just tell you that I LOVE them. I doubt I would have managed such a delicate pattern with other plates, but this I managed on my first try. I had planned to change it up on an accent nail but I loved this so much once it was on that I just left it was it was. tip-top-nail-chic-gold-digger-saran-wrap-armourplate-stamped-born-pretty-store-blue-moyou-suki-04I really loved wearing this. The plastic wrapped combination of Gold Digger and Armourplate resulted in such a gorgeous champagney shade and together with the stamping, I found it really elegant and beautiful. tip-top-nail-chic-gold-digger-saran-wrap-armourplate-stamped-born-pretty-store-blue-moyou-suki-04I hope you liked these nails too! What do you think of my new lightbox photos?tip-top-nail-chic-gold-digger-saran-wrap-armourplate-stamped-born-pretty-store-blue-moyou-suki-04Take a look at the other ladies taking part in the challenge at the link: