December Tri-polish Challenge part 4

Hi everyone!

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas yesterday. Now that it’s over, it’s almost time to start celebrating the new year beginning next week! Since I love stars, I decided to go for a starry theme today – it’s like a celebration on my nails! sinful-colors-amethyst-tip-top-nail-chic-fairy-dust-armourplate-gold-digger-sally-hansen-complete-salon-manicure-loves-me-not-moyou-stamping-plate-time-traveller-collection-back-to-the-80s-02-rockstar-roxy-04-born-pretty-store-KD3-MLS-30-studs

As you may remember from the first 3 posts of this month’s Tri-polish Challenge, this month’s theme is silver and gold with colour accents. My silver poilsh is Tip Top Armourplate and my gold is Tip Top Gold Digger.

For this mani, I started off with a coat of Sinful Colors Amethyst and then randomly sponged on Tip Top Fairy Dust and Sally Hansen Loves me Not to create a mottled effect. sinful-colors-amethyst-tip-top-nail-chic-fairy-dust-armourplate-gold-digger-sally-hansen-complete-salon-manicure-loves-me-not-moyou-stamping-plate-time-traveller-collection-back-to-the-80s-02-rockstar-roxy-04-born-pretty-store-KD3-MLS-30-studsThe above and below pictures are taken in direct artificial light, the rest were done using my lightbox. Once the purples were dry, I stamped using Gold Digger and Armourplate. I used Moyou Roxy 04 on my middle finger and thumb, Moyou Time Traveller Back to the 80s 02 on my ring finger, and MLS 30 from the Born Pretty Store for the larger star on my pinkie. The small stars on my pinkie, index finger, and the side of my thumb are from KD3 from the born pretty store.sinful-colors-amethyst-tip-top-nail-chic-fairy-dust-armourplate-gold-digger-sally-hansen-complete-salon-manicure-loves-me-not-moyou-stamping-plate-time-traveller-collection-back-to-the-80s-02-rockstar-roxy-04-born-pretty-store-KD3-MLS-30-studsFinally, I added the star stud from the Born Pretty Store on my ring finger. These aren’t the neatest-looking nails with their sponged background and the mish-mash of different stars on each nail, but I really had fun with them and I like them 🙂sinful-colors-amethyst-tip-top-nail-chic-fairy-dust-armourplate-gold-digger-sally-hansen-complete-salon-manicure-loves-me-not-moyou-stamping-plate-time-traveller-collection-back-to-the-80s-02-rockstar-roxy-04-born-pretty-store-KD3-MLS-30-studsI hope you enjoyed them too! sinful-colors-amethyst-tip-top-nail-chic-fairy-dust-armourplate-gold-digger-sally-hansen-complete-salon-manicure-loves-me-not-moyou-stamping-plate-time-traveller-collection-back-to-the-80s-02-rockstar-roxy-04-born-pretty-store-KD3-MLS-30-studsDon’t forget to check out the other participants at the link: