Heart stamped nails

Hi everyone!

Today’s nails are based on one of the first stamping manicures I ever did a few months ago. I took pictures of it but I didn’t clean up around my nails, and the photos were pretty awful so for ages I’ve been meaning to recreate the nails and I finally got around to it. They’re simple but I love them!yardley-midnight-fever-stamped-with-BM-303-and-BM-317-heart-nailsI started off with 2 coats of Yardley Twist Nails in Midnight Fever. This was a limited edition polish and I am so glad I got it! It’s such an interesting polish – a reddish purple base filled with blue and magenta sparkle. It’s not a duochrome, but the combination with the sparkle does make it look a little different at different angles – you can see it a little in the bottle on the photos below. In lower light it takes on a slightly brownish hue. It’s such an interesting polish and it always draws me in 🙂yardley-midnight-fever-stamped-with-BM-303-and-BM-317-heart-nailsI topcoated it with Sally Hansen Insta-Dri and then I stamped my ring finger with BM-303 and my other fingers with BM-317. I think Midnight Fever was the perfect polish to go with some hearts!

I decided to try a matte version so I put on a matte top coat:yardley-midnight-fever-stamped-with-BM-303-and-BM-317-heart-nailsI loved it like this as well! I think the matte version looks better in the photos but the shiny version was also great and showed the versatility of Midnight Fever a little better. yardley-midnight-fever-stamped-with-BM-303-and-BM-317-heart-nailsWhich one do you like better?yardley-midnight-fever-stamped-with-BM-303-and-BM-317-heart-nails