Holo water marble

Hi everyone!

I have another water marble for you today. I decided to try doing a water marble with holographic polishes! I’ve seen this done a few times before with the result being swirls of holo goodness… unfortunately mine only half worked. As a water marble it’s fine but sadly you can’t see much holo-ness. holo-water-marble-born-pretty-store-holographic-12-10-and-9Over a white base, I marbled with Born Pretty Store Holo Polishes 9, 10, and 12. You can see a little but of the holo effect on my middle finger from number 12, but other than that the holo effect has disappeared. I suspect it might be because water marbling gives such thin coats of polish, but then I am not sure how other people have managed to do it successfully!

holo-water-marble-born-pretty-store-holographic-12-10-and-9Luckily, the swirliness still makes me happy, so it’s more like just a pastel water marble with a tiny bit of holo peeking through if you look in the right places ๐Ÿ™‚holo-water-marble-born-pretty-store-holographic-12-10-and-9I hope you still enjoyed this marble! Hopefully next time I try this the result will be full-on holo ๐Ÿ™‚holo-water-marble-born-pretty-store-holographic-12-10-and-9