Peacock nails

Hi everyone!

I played with my Moyou plates again! Have I mentioned that I love them? One of the images I couldn’t wait to try was the beautiful peacock feathers on their Pro Collection plate 05. peacock-nails-rimmel-green-with-envy-essence-nail-art-special-efect-topper-mrs-and-mr-glitter-bm-212-moyou-pro-collection-05-feathers-stampingI started off with 2 coats of Rimmel Green with Envy. This has to be one of my favourite shades, it is really vibrant and I love the finish. It was the perfect peacock green for this mani! peacock-nails-rimmel-green-with-envy-essence-nail-art-special-efect-topper-mrs-and-mr-glitter-bm-212-moyou-pro-collection-05-feathers-stampingI then used the Essence nail art special effect! topper in Mrs and Mr Glitter. In the past I’ve struggled a bit to get the glitter density I wanted with this so I used a sponge to apply it and it worked much better. The glitters also helped to bring across the look of the ‘eyes’ in peacock feathers. peacock-nails-rimmel-green-with-envy-essence-nail-art-special-efect-topper-mrs-and-mr-glitter-bm-212-moyou-pro-collection-05-feathers-stampingUsing my Essence stampy polish, I stamped on the peacock feathers from Moyou plate Pro Collection – 05 on my thumb and middle finger, and stamped on the peacock feather eye pattern from BM-212 on my index, ring and pinkie fingers. peacock-nails-rimmel-green-with-envy-essence-nail-art-special-efect-topper-mrs-and-mr-glitter-bm-212-moyou-pro-collection-05-feathers-stampingMy stamping is still not perfect but the quality of the Moyou plates certainly helps. I loved the colour of these as well! I hope you liked them too 🙂