Stars and lightning

Hi everyone!

Guess what? It’s my birthday! Happy birthday to me 🙂 The nails I have today aren’t really birthday-themed but they are happy so that works for me! A couple of weeks ago I decided that as a birthday and Christmas present to myself I’d get some Moyou stamping plates. The hard part was choosing which ones to get, all of them look amazing! I tried them out for the first time on this mani and they are fantastic. Not only are the images amazing, but they are etched perfectly and stamp really well. You’ll probably be seeing a lot more stamping over the next few weeks!


I started off with a coat of Tip Top Nail Chic Surfer Girl and then I used the cling wrap/saran wrap technique to create a mottled look using Essie In the Cab-ana, and Tip Top Nail Chic Armourplate and Surfer Girl. tip-top-nail-chic-surfer-girl-saran-wrap-with-armourplate-and-essie-in-the-cab-ana-stamped-with-moyou-back-to-the-80's-02-and-roxy-collection-04-stars-lightningOnce it was dry, I stamped using my Essence stampy polish and I used Moyou plates Back to the 80’s – 02 for the lightning and the star on my ring finger, and Roxy Collection – 04 for the starry pattern on my thumb. tip-top-nail-chic-surfer-girl-saran-wrap-with-armourplate-and-essie-in-the-cab-ana-stamped-with-moyou-back-to-the-80's-02-and-roxy-collection-04-stars-lightningI really love these images! I don’t think I’ll be able to resist using the stars again and again so I hope you like them too. These nails were a winner with Mr Boyfriend as well, which always tells me they must be something special! I hope you enjoyed them 🙂tip-top-nail-chic-surfer-girl-saran-wrap-with-armourplate-and-essie-in-the-cab-ana-stamped-with-moyou-back-to-the-80's-02-and-roxy-collection-04-stars-lightning

  • beach gal

    HB 2 you!

    • paintedfingertips

      Thank you!

  • Lynette

    First off… VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you ! Hope you have an amazing day and blessed year hun!

    The moyou stamping plates are gorgeous! I just wish they would slow down with how many new collections are coming out.

    The mani is seriously gorgeous… Love the colours and the stamping. Fantastic!

    • paintedfingertips

      Thank you so much!

      I know, right? They’re amazing. The 12 I bought were my birthday and Christmas gift to myself, and I LOVE them. They stamp so so well, I’ve gone from stamping maybe once a week to wanting to stamp every mani! And yes I want ALL the plates too!

      Thanks so much, I’m glad you liked it 🙂

  • Brethil

    Happy birthday! I hope you have a lovely day!

    I love MoYou London plates as well… and this mani looks great!

    • paintedfingertips

      Thanks so much!

  • OrdinaryMisfit

    Awww Shucks I am so sorry I missed your birthday! I hope you had a really special day. Being too busy for social media really stinks!
    Absolutely freaking love this. I am a little jealous of your Moyou plates. I haven’t ordered any simply because I can’t decide which ones. meh.

    • paintedfingertips

      Thanks 🙂 I know, I had the same problem, there are about 100 of the plates I want… :-/