Swatch: Zombie Brains and Swamp Monster

Hi everyone!

I am back from my holiday in Namibia, and it was amazing. Since I had all my posts scheduled, I doubt you even noticed I was gone, but I did get really behind on all my blog reading! I have a lot of catching up to do!

I know I’ve shown a lot more swatches than usual this month (but weren’t all the polishes beautiful?) but I have some more swatches for you today. Back in November, I was lucky enough to win a giveaway of a Love Thy Polish Halloween Duo over at Lacquer Dreams. So thank you, thank you, thank you to Lacquer Dreams and to Love Thy Polish! The polishes took a while to arrive thanks to even slower postal services over the holiday season, but I got them, I love them, and I swatched them for you šŸ™‚ I know it’s nowhere close to Halloween, but no way was I going to wait until October to show you these beauties!love-thy-polish-gruesome-twosome-halloween-duo-zombie-brainsFirst up is Zombie Brains on its own. I just love this polish. It’s a light crelly grey base with small dark grey glitters, medium white round glitter and larger fuchsia round glitters. Perfectly true to its name and just lovely. This is 3 coats – the base is a little sheer at first but at 3 coats I think it looks just perfect. love-thy-polish-gruesome-twosome-halloween-duo-zombie-brainsI have very few grey polishes but this convinces me I need some more in my life! It’s lovely!love-thy-polish-gruesome-twosome-halloween-duo-zombie-brainsNext, I added part 2 of the duo: A glitter topper called Swamp Monster. The topper could be used over many colours, but I decided to combine the two since they are a duo. love-thy-polish-gruesome-twosome-halloween-duo-zombie-brains-swamp-monsterSwamp Monster consists of large hexagonal neon yellow-green glitters and tiny neon yellow-green glitters combined with medium black glitters in a clear base. Shown is two coats over three coats of Zombie Brains. love-thy-polish-gruesome-twosome-halloween-duo-zombie-brains-swamp-monsterI did have to fish for the glitter quite a bit in this polish, but it was manageable and totally worth it. On the bottle it does recommend to stand it upside down for 5 minutes before use, which helps considerably. love-thy-polish-gruesome-twosome-halloween-duo-zombie-brains-swamp-monsterThese two polishes go great together, although I’m not sure if I might like Zombie Brains just a smidgen more on its own. I’ll definitely be trying Swamp Monster over some different bases as well though!love-thy-polish-gruesome-twosome-halloween-duo-zombie-brains-swamp-monsterI really love this polish duo and I was very excited to get to try something by Love Thy Polish for the first time. As far as I know these polishes were limited edition but they make plenty of other beauties!