Chinese water decals

Hi everyone!

I’ve been waiting to try out these beautiful water decals from the Born Pretty Store for ages now and I finally got around to it. They are lovely!catrice-mint-me-up-nail-addict-tip-top-baby-cheeks-moyou-suki-collection-07-born-pretty-store-chinese-water-decals-nails

I decided to go for a more muted colour scheme to match the loveliness of the decals so I used Nail Addict by Tip Top in Baby Cheeks on my ring finger and thumb and Catrice Mint Me Up on my other fingers. catrice-mint-me-up-nail-addict-tip-top-baby-cheeks-moyou-suki-collection-07-born-pretty-store-chinese-water-decals-nailsI stamped on my index, middle and pinkie fingers using Moyou Suki collection 07. I couldn’t get the stamping quite perfect but eventually I decided it was good enough and I really liked the elegant pattern. catrice-mint-me-up-nail-addict-tip-top-baby-cheeks-moyou-suki-collection-07-born-pretty-store-chinese-water-decals-nailsOn my thumb and ring finger I used 2 of the water decals from the Born Pretty Store. I really love these. They come on a small sheet but there are several designs to choose from and they are well sized to fit on the nail. They are also easy to use – just soak it in water for a few seconds, and the decal slides right off the backing and you can stick it to your nail. catrice-mint-me-up-nail-addict-tip-top-baby-cheeks-moyou-suki-collection-07-born-pretty-store-chinese-water-decals-nailsThese were the nails I was wearing when I arrived to visit my family over the holiday season. My sister was visiting with her adorable 17-month-old daughter, when my mom asked to see my nails. The moment my niece saw them, she started poking them and saying ‘pretty, pretty!’ It was the sweetest thing and I soon discovered she loved all my nail things 🙂catrice-mint-me-up-nail-addict-tip-top-baby-cheeks-moyou-suki-collection-07-born-pretty-store-chinese-water-decals-nailsI hope you thought these were pretty too! 😀