Happy New Year!

Hi everyone!

Happy, happy new year to all of you! Thank you so much to all of you that have followed, commented, or just visited my blog since I started it just over 4 months ago. It has already become such a part of my life, it’s hard to believe it’s only 4 months old!

For Christmas, I was lucky to receive some nail polish from my sister. She got me a Grazia set (available at Clicks) consisting of 2 nail polishes, and 2 sets of ‘caviar’ or microbeads. This look has been around for a while – and I’ve done it before myself using microbeads – but it’s my first set of this kind. What better to play around with for my new years mani? Here’s how the box looked:

grazia-caviar-set-clicksAs you see, it also contains 2 emery boards – I haven’t tested them yet – and a funnel, which is handy for getting the microbeads back into the bottle.

Before you see the rest of the pictures – I did these nails while visiting my family over the Christmas season so I didn’t have the best lighting setup. I did a few designs which you’ll be seeing over the next couple of weeks, so please excuse that – I don’t think they’re too bad though. grazia-caviar-fish-egg-microbeads-nails-new-year-opi-emotions

I started with a coat of the silver Grazia polish (it doesn’t have a name) on my thumb, middle, and ring fingers. Then, one by one, I added a second thick coat and dipped the nail into the microbeads. I lightly patted the beads down and didn’t apply any topcoat. For my thumb and ring finger, I used the beads from the set, and for my middle finger, I used some silver microbeads I had from a craft store. grazia-caviar-fish-egg-microbeads-nails-new-year-opi-emotions

The craft store microbeads were slightly smaller, but the Grazia ones actually worked a lot better. I’m not sure why, but the craft store ones seemed to come off the nail pretty quickly while the Grazia ones lasted a couple of days – until the polish underneath them started chipping.

I used something extra special on my pinkie and index finger too… Emotions from OPI! Now you international ladies might not realise why this is quite so special, but it’s not actually available in South Africa yet! When I was at the airport, about to get on the plane to fly to my family for the holidays, I saw a little nail bar with the new liquid sand collection on display. I guess because airport shops have special rules they were able to get it earlier! I was so excited and scooped up a set of minis. You can expect swatches once I’m back home with my lightbox 😀grazia-caviar-fish-egg-microbeads-nails-new-year-opi-emotions

So these weren’t designed with 2014 specifically in mind, but they are fun special-occasion nails. I hope you enjoyed the combination of textures!