ILNP Absolute Zero: Swatch and nail art

Hi everyone!

Today I have another ILNP post for you. This polish was one of the reasons that I decided to take the plunge and buy from ILNP in the first place – it’s a limited edition, only available as a gift if you ordered at least 3 polishes from the collection during the pre-order. Now, I’m not all that into polishes being limited edition or hard to find – but a free, gorgeous polish added to my order? That’s what sold me. ilnp-i-love-nail-polish-limited-edition-absolute-zero-swatchThe name of this polish is Absolute Zero and this is two gorgeous coats. After seeing pictures online, I thought I’d like but not love this polish. Once I got it on… I LOVED it! It really took my breath away. Unfortunately, in my own photos you also can’t really see how great it is. I think the sparkle came through just a tiny bit more in reality – just enough to take it from ‘pretty’ to ‘AMAZING!’. ilnp-i-love-nail-polish-limited-edition-absolute-zero-swatchWhat you can see, though, is that it’s a beautiful blackened blue-purple with silvery-holo particles. The holo more subtle than the other shades I picked up but it’s just perfect for this colour. ilnp-i-love-nail-polish-limited-edition-absolute-zero-swatchHere’s how it looks under direct artificial light (no light box):ilnp-i-love-nail-polish-limited-edition-absolute-zero-swatchIt’s gorgeous. I am so glad I was lucky enough to get my hands on this polish. Unfortunately, it is not available for purchase from ILNP since it was a limited edition free gift. ilnp-i-love-nail-polish-limited-edition-absolute-zero-swatchI decided to do some nail art over this gorgeous base and this is what I came up with:

ilnp-i-love-nail-polish-absolute-zero-stamped-bm-213-tip-top-nail-chic-armourplate-rhinestones-winter-nailsI decided a polish with a name like Absolute Zero deserved some nice wintery nail art, even if it is summer here, and I think I nailed it – even if I say so myself 🙂ilnp-i-love-nail-polish-absolute-zero-stamped-bm-213-tip-top-nail-chic-armourplate-rhinestones-winter-nailsOver Absolute Zero, I stamped using Tip Top Nail Chic Armourplate and plate BM-213. I then added some rhinestones from the Born Pretty Store.

ilnp-i-love-nail-polish-absolute-zero-stamped-bm-213-tip-top-nail-chic-armourplate-rhinestones-winter-nailsThese aren’t quite snowflakes, but they do have a snow-flakey, wintery feel and I think it was the perfect nail art to go with Absolute Zero. I hope you liked it too!