ILNP Admire Me: Swatch and nail art

Hi everyone!

Today I have the second of my ILNP polishes to show you. The first, Birefringence (H), can be seen here. I didn’t quite manage to stick to only the ultrachromes – I couldn’t resist Admire Me.   ILNP-admire-me-swatch

Can you see why? It’s stunning! This is two glorious coats of the perfect sparkly, holographic teal polish. I love it! I love love the gorgeous teal colour, and the holo is strong enough that you can actually slightly see it in the light box photos (look at my thumb above!)ILNP-admire-me-swatchIsn’t it gorgeous? Looking at these pictures, I actually want to go and put it on again right now! Admire me is available for purchase here. ILNP-admire-me-swatchI decided to try out some nail art with this base, and since this is such a lovely oceany teal, it was the perfect time to bring out my Sailor Collection plates from Moyou. ilnp-admire-me-stamped-with-moyou-sailor-sollection-04-03My stamping isn’t perfect on this one, but the images are so great and together with the gorgeous base, I loved this mani 🙂ilnp-admire-me-stamped-with-moyou-sailor-sollection-04-03I used Moyou Sailor collection 04 on my thumb and ring finger, and Sailor collection 03 on my index, middle and pinkie fingers, and stamped with Essence Stamp me! White.ilnp-admire-me-stamped-with-moyou-sailor-sollection-04-03What do you think of Admire Me and this stamping mani?