ILNP: Birefringence (H)

Hi everyone!

I’m sure many of you have seen swatches of I Love Nail Polish’s gorgeous Ultrachrome range. These polishes were on the TOP of my lemming list since the first time I saw them. When it was announced that they were bringing out holographic versions of the polish – and you could get a free limited edition polish if you bought them in the preorder – I could no longer resist. So, I got my very first indie/boutique polishes and I got my biggest lemming! I can’t wait to show you!

Today, I have Birefringence (H). I’ve done a separate post for each of the 5 polishes I got just because they are all beyond gorgeous and need a lot of pictures to do them justice! So look out for the rest in the next couple of weeks 🙂 This post is a bit more picture heavy than usual but it’s worth it!

I-love-nail-polish-ilnp-birefringence-holographic-swatchI did 2 coats of Birefringence (H) with a top coat. I expected this to be my favourite, and I was NOT disappointed. It’s stunning! I found that all the polishes were slightly patchy on the first coat, but evened out perfectly with the second coat.

I-love-nail-polish-ilnp-birefringence-holographic-swatchI’ve seen some bloggers layering this over black and that looks amazing, but honestly, it looks amazing like this too! I have yet to try it layered. I just couldn’t stop staring at my nails! I-love-nail-polish-ilnp-birefringence-holographic-swatchThis polish is absolutely jaw-droppingly beautiful. The main colours are blue and purple, then – as you see in the picture above – it shifts strongly to orange and gold at the right angles. I-love-nail-polish-ilnp-birefringence-holographic-swatchIt’s simply stunning. These pictures were all taken with the lightbox and you can just barely see some of the holographic particles – but in the sun this polish undergoes another transformation. The holo is stronger than I expected considering that this polish already has such a strong chrome effect. Unfortunately I couldn’t get any sunlight photos for you but you’ll just have to take my word for it that this polish is unbelievable. When I wore it I checked my nails everywhere I went just to see how they looked in different lighting conditions. I-love-nail-polish-ilnp-birefringence-holographic-swatchI-love-nail-polish-ilnp-birefringence-holographic-swatch    I-love-nail-polish-ilnp-birefringence-holographic-swatchI am so, so glad I got my hands on this polish! Buying indie or boutique polishes can be a bit of a pain thanks to the crazy customs charges, but it this case, it was SO worth it. I-love-nail-polish-ilnp-birefringence-holographic-swatchAnd here are a few more pictures, just in case you haven’t seen enough yet! This polish is available on the ILNP website. Do you love it as much as I do?

I-love-nail-polish-ilnp-birefringence-holographic-swatchI-love-nail-polish-ilnp-birefringence-holographic-swatch I-love-nail-polish-ilnp-birefringence-holographic-swatch