Salior stamping

Hi everyone!

I have some stamping for you today, and surprise surprise, I used my Moyou plates! I love every one of the plates and today I decided to try out the one I have from their Sailor collection.

nails-sponged-gradient-revolution-poseidon-and-zeus-stamped-with-moyou-sailor-collection-04-nauticalI started off with a sponged gradient using Revolution polish in Zeus and Poseidon. I haven’t been able to find out much about this brand before, but it is very affordable and while I am not crazy about their bottles (the lids on mine keep breaking – luckily they still seal) and sometimes they don’t have the best wear, they do make some pretty great colours. These two appear in the bottle as though they will need several coats for full coverage and yet they are almost one-coaters. I loved this gradient and it was super shimmery in the sun. nails-sponged-gradient-revolution-poseidon-and-zeus-stamped-with-moyou-sailor-collection-04-nauticalNext I got to the stamping. I couldn’t decide which images to use from the Moyou plate Sailor Collection – 04 because they were all so great. In the end I used 4 different images – one pattern on my thumb, a similar but not the same pattern on my middle and ring fingers, seahorses on my index finger and seals on my pinkie. nails-sponged-gradient-revolution-poseidon-and-zeus-stamped-with-moyou-sailor-collection-04-nauticalFor the first time I actually had some trouble with one of the images on a Moyou plate, however, I think it was just me that was doing something wrong, because I got it to stamp on my very first try but then not again. It was an image with some fish and it stamped fine on my right hand, but then when I did my left hand I tried over and over again but just couldn’t get the image to stamp properly, so I used the seahorses instead (at least I got to try another of the cute images!)nails-sponged-gradient-revolution-poseidon-and-zeus-stamped-with-moyou-sailor-collection-04-nauticalI am especially crazy about the pattern I used for my middle and ring fingers. It can be used in so many ways and it’s really pretty. nails-sponged-gradient-revolution-poseidon-and-zeus-stamped-with-moyou-sailor-collection-04-nauticalI hope you enjoyed these nails! I know I did 🙂

I’m leaving for a road trip holiday in Namibia today, so I might not be able to reply to comments and such for the next couple of weeks – but please do still comment, I promise I’ll read and reply when I get back. I’ve scheduled posts for while I’m away, so you’ll still get to see some cool nail art – and the rest of my ILNP swatches!