Nail Art A-Go-Go Challenge Day 16: Doodles


Hi everyone!

It’s day 16 of the Nail Art A-Go-Go Challenge hosted by Gnarly Gnails and today’s theme is doodles. sinful-colors-snow-me-white-nyx-matte-sky-blue-charlie-revlon-lady-in-red-tip-tip-nail-chic-cream-puff-exercise-book-lines-stamped-moyou-pro-collection-10-back-to-the-80s-02-QA62-BM-212-BM-224All of us have doodled down the side of our excercise books during a boring class at some stage, so that’s what I decided to recreate 🙂sinful-colors-snow-me-white-nyx-matte-sky-blue-charlie-revlon-lady-in-red-tip-tip-nail-chic-cream-puff-exercise-book-lines-stamped-moyou-pro-collection-10-back-to-the-80s-02-QA62-BM-212-BM-224I started with a coat of Sinful Colors Snow me White then added a coat of Tip Top Cream Puff to soften the white a little. I used a fine brush to add stripes using Charlie Revlon Lady in Red and NYX Matte Sky Blue to represent the exercise book and then added another coat of Cream Puff to soften the colours a little. sinful-colors-snow-me-white-nyx-matte-sky-blue-charlie-revlon-lady-in-red-tip-tip-nail-chic-cream-puff-exercise-book-lines-stamped-moyou-pro-collection-10-back-to-the-80s-02-QA62-BM-212-BM-224I considered drawing with a permanent marker to literally doodle on my nails, but in the end I decided on some doodly stamping instead. I used Moyou Pro collection 10 for the little men on my thumbnail, and Moyou Time Traveller Collection – Back to the 80s 02 for the ink splats on my middle finger. sinful-colors-snow-me-white-nyx-matte-sky-blue-charlie-revlon-lady-in-red-tip-tip-nail-chic-cream-puff-exercise-book-lines-stamped-moyou-pro-collection-10-back-to-the-80s-02-QA62-BM-212-BM-224I used QA62 for the fish skeletons, BM-212 for the heart and BM-224 for the swirls on my ring finger. Many of my doodles were just swirls or patterns, and I know the stamping isn’t perfect, but when is a doodle meant to be perfect?sinful-colors-snow-me-white-nyx-matte-sky-blue-charlie-revlon-lady-in-red-tip-tip-nail-chic-cream-puff-exercise-book-lines-stamped-moyou-pro-collection-10-back-to-the-80s-02-QA62-BM-212-BM-224What do you think? Do this remind you of scribbles down the side of your old school books?sinful-colors-snow-me-white-nyx-matte-sky-blue-charlie-revlon-lady-in-red-tip-tip-nail-chic-cream-puff-exercise-book-lines-stamped-moyou-pro-collection-10-back-to-the-80s-02-QA62-BM-212-BM-224Come back tomorrow to see some animation-themed nails!

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