Nail Art A-Go-Go Challenge Day 19: Game Night


Hi everyone!

Today’s theme for the Nail Art A-Go-Go Challenge is Game Night. I struggled for a while to think of a good idea for this one, but eventually another mani I’d seen recently surfaced from the back of my mind and I realised it was perfect for this theme. For the life of me, I can’t remember where I saw this, and I couldn’t find it with a quick search because too many similar designs have been done, so please do let me know if you know who did it!

nails-tic-tac-toe-chalkboard-sinful-colors-black-on-black-nail-addict-by-tip-top-baby-cheeks-essie-in-the-cab-ana-tip-top-nail-chic-sherbet-angel-revlon-matte-top-coatTic Tac Toe / naughts and crosses on a chalkboard! These were fun and super easy to do. The best part is since they’re supposed to represent an actual game on a chalkboard, the lines don’t have to be perfect 🙂nails-tic-tac-toe-chalkboard-sinful-colors-black-on-black-nail-addict-by-tip-top-baby-cheeks-essie-in-the-cab-ana-tip-top-nail-chic-sherbet-angel-revlon-matte-top-coatI used Sinful Colors Black on Black as my base, then I used Nail Addict by Tip Top Baby Cheeks for the lines on my thumb and ring finger. I used Tip Top Nail Chic Sherbet Angel for the naughts and Essie In the Cab-ana for the crosses. Once it was dry I topped it off with a matte top coat to get that chalkboard-y feel. nails-tic-tac-toe-chalkboard-sinful-colors-black-on-black-nail-addict-by-tip-top-baby-cheeks-essie-in-the-cab-ana-tip-top-nail-chic-sherbet-angel-revlon-matte-top-coatAs you can see, crosses won the game on my ring finger 😉nails-tic-tac-toe-chalkboard-sinful-colors-black-on-black-nail-addict-by-tip-top-baby-cheeks-essie-in-the-cab-ana-tip-top-nail-chic-sherbet-angel-revlon-matte-top-coatThis was simple but a lot of fun. Just like every game night should be!nails-tic-tac-toe-chalkboard-sinful-colors-black-on-black-nail-addict-by-tip-top-baby-cheeks-essie-in-the-cab-ana-tip-top-nail-chic-sherbet-angel-revlon-matte-top-coatWhat do you think of these nails?nails-tic-tac-toe-chalkboard-sinful-colors-black-on-black-nail-addict-by-tip-top-baby-cheeks-essie-in-the-cab-ana-tip-top-nail-chic-sherbet-angel-revlon-matte-top-coatTomorrow’s theme is Pop Culture – it’s another one I struggled with for a while but I’m really happy with what I came up with so be sure to come check it out! nagg-igTake a look at the other Game Night nails at the link: