Nail Art A-Go-Go Challenge Day 21: Snow Day


Hi everyone!

It’s the last day of week 3 of the challenge and that means there’s only one week to go! Today’s theme is snow day.

nails-sinful-colors-out-of-this-world-nubar-absolute-sinful-colors-neptune-nail-addict-by-tip-top-stormy-sky-gradient-sinful-colros-silver-belle-essence-cool-breezeMy original plan was to do some snowflake stamping, but, well, I’ve done that before, so I decided instead to try to create the atmosphere of a cold and snowy day.

nails-sinful-colors-out-of-this-world-nubar-absolute-sinful-colors-neptune-nail-addict-by-tip-top-stormy-sky-gradient-sinful-colros-silver-belle-essence-cool-breezeI started by sponging on a gradient made with Sinful Colors Out of this World, Nubar Absolute, Sinful Colors Neptune, and Nail Addict by Tip Top Stormy Sky.

nails-sinful-colors-out-of-this-world-nubar-absolute-sinful-colors-neptune-nail-addict-by-tip-top-stormy-sky-gradient-sinful-colros-silver-belle-essence-cool-breezeOnce the gradient was dry, I topped it with a coat of Sinful Colors Silver Belle. That hid the gradient slightly, but it definitely added to the snowy feel! Finally, I added a coat of Essence Cool Breeze for the opalescent particles. nails-sinful-colors-out-of-this-world-nubar-absolute-sinful-colors-neptune-nail-addict-by-tip-top-stormy-sky-gradient-sinful-colros-silver-belle-essence-cool-breezeIt doesn’t snow where I live, but these nails do seem snowy to me – the stormy sky hidden by the falling white flakes. nails-sinful-colors-out-of-this-world-nubar-absolute-sinful-colors-neptune-nail-addict-by-tip-top-stormy-sky-gradient-sinful-colros-silver-belle-essence-cool-breezeI hope you liked these too!nails-sinful-colors-out-of-this-world-nubar-absolute-sinful-colors-neptune-nail-addict-by-tip-top-stormy-sky-gradient-sinful-colros-silver-belle-essence-cool-breezeJust one week left to go on the challenge! The last week has some of the toughest prompts of them all!nagg-igTake a look at the other Snow Day nails at the link:

  • vonimoller

    You did an AMAZING job with this mani Kerry! It is breath taking

    • paintedfingertips

      Thanks! I wasn’t sure about it so I’m glad you like it 🙂

  • OrdinaryMisfit

    I think you captured your idea perfectly! It’s just lovely