Nail Art A-Go-Go Challenge Day 25: Watercolour


Hi everyone!

It’s day 25 of the Nail Art A-Go-Go Challenge hosted by Gnarly Gnails. Today’s theme is watercolour and I decided to do a water marble.

nails-water-marble-sinful-colors-snow-me-white-hey-you!-tip-top-nail-chic-jazz-berryblue-grape-to-meet-you-flamenco-pinkWhen I think of watercolour artworks, I think soft, washed-out colours and gentle landscapes – which is definitely not what I’ve done here! But who’s to say watercolours can’t be bright and cheery? After all, I did use water to get this onto my nails! nails-water-marble-sinful-colors-snow-me-white-hey-you!-tip-top-nail-chic-jazz-berryblue-grape-to-meet-you-flamenco-pinkI started off with a base of Sinful Colors Snow Me White and then marbled with Sinful Colors Hey, You!, and Tip Top Nail Chic Jazz Berryblue, Grape to Meet You, and Flamenco Pink. nails-water-marble-sinful-colors-snow-me-white-hey-you!-tip-top-nail-chic-jazz-berryblue-grape-to-meet-you-flamenco-pinkI absolutely loved these bright colours together!nails-water-marble-sinful-colors-snow-me-white-hey-you!-tip-top-nail-chic-jazz-berryblue-grape-to-meet-you-flamenco-pinkOnce the marble was done, I decided to try something a little different and add microbeads over the marble. The microbeads came in a set from Bundle Monster, and I used the blue, pink, and lilac ones. nails-water-marble-sinful-colors-snow-me-white-hey-you!-tip-top-nail-chic-jazz-berryblue-grape-to-meet-you-flamenco-pink-microbeadsI tried to follow the pattern of the marble with the microbeads. I think I have seen microbeads used over a marble before, but I’m don’t think they followed the pattern in this way (although it might have been done somewhere I didn’t see!)nails-water-marble-sinful-colors-snow-me-white-hey-you!-tip-top-nail-chic-jazz-berryblue-grape-to-meet-you-flamenco-pink-microbeadsIn a way I liked the brightness and relative simplicity of the original marble, but I also liked the striking look the beads gave it. nails-water-marble-sinful-colors-snow-me-white-hey-you!-tip-top-nail-chic-jazz-berryblue-grape-to-meet-you-flamenco-pink-microbeadsWhat do you think of this marble?nails-water-marble-sinful-colors-snow-me-white-hey-you!-tip-top-nail-chic-jazz-berryblue-grape-to-meet-you-flamenco-pink-microbeadsHere are the last few themes left for the challenge:nagg-igTake a look at the other watercolour-themed nails at the link: