Nail Art A-Go-Go Challenge Day 27: Pointillism

Hi everyone!

It’s the second last day of the Nail Art A-Go-Go Challenge and I am excited to reach the end of it! It’s been a lot of fun but daily challenges take up a lot of time and I’m glad I’ve made it this far. nails-dotted-swirl-sinful-colors-slate-la-girl-matte-alpine-green-essie-in-the-cab-anaI followed this tutorial created by Lucy’s Stash to create these dotted swirls. nails-dotted-swirl-sinful-colors-slate-la-girl-matte-alpine-green-essie-in-the-cab-anaOn my index, middle and pinkie fingers I started with 2 coats of Sinful Colors Slate and added the dots in LA girl matte Matte Alpine Green and Essie In the Cab-ana. For my thumb and ring fingers I used 2 coats of Matte Alpine Green as a base and did the dots in In the Cab-ana and Slate. nails-dotted-swirl-sinful-colors-slate-la-girl-matte-alpine-green-essie-in-the-cab-anaThe swirls seemed to show up a little better on the grey background but I liked the accent nails too! nails-dotted-swirl-sinful-colors-slate-la-girl-matte-alpine-green-essie-in-the-cab-anaThis was a fun and simple look to create and I’d love to try different colour combinations!nails-dotted-swirl-sinful-colors-slate-la-girl-matte-alpine-green-essie-in-the-cab-anaI absolutely loved this colour combination though! nails-dotted-swirl-sinful-colors-slate-la-girl-matte-alpine-green-essie-in-the-cab-anaWhat do you think of this dotted swirl?nails-dotted-swirl-sinful-colors-slate-la-girl-matte-alpine-green-essie-in-the-cab-anaTomorrow is the last day of the challenge! Check back to see what I’ve done for the last day 🙂nagg-igTake a look at the other pointillism-themed nails at the link: