Nail Art A-Go-Go Challenge – Day 28: Art Nouveau


Hi everyone

It’s the FINAL DAY of the Nail Art A-Go-Go Challenge! I’ve made it, 28 days of artistically themed nail art for your enjoyment! I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing my nail art along with some new-to-me techniques, and of course the nail art of all the other ladies taking part. Today’s theme is Art Nouveau. I didn’t really know what to do with that, but one of the ‘tips’ for this theme was lines so I decided to use that as my guide. nail-art-lines-striping-tape-nails-inc-leather-effect-noho-renaissance-cosmetics-rosie-osie-sinful-colors-charmedI started with Sinful Colors Charmed on my middle finger and Rosie-Osie by Renaissance Cosmetics on my other fingers. I just received Rosie-Osie in a prize from Renaissance Cosmetics, and I am so excited to share it with you! It is absolutely gorgeous, I’ll show swatches next week. nail-art-lines-striping-tape-nails-inc-leather-effect-noho-renaissance-cosmetics-rosie-osie-sinful-colors-charmedOnce the polish was completely dry, I applied striping tape in a pattern I thought would look cool and topped it with a coat of Nails Inc Noho, then peeled the tape off again. nail-art-lines-striping-tape-nails-inc-leather-effect-noho-renaissance-cosmetics-rosie-osie-sinful-colors-charmedI’m not a huge fan of Noho on its own, but combined with other colours in nail art like this, I love it. The sparkliness of the silver and red contrasts perfectly with the textured black. nail-art-lines-striping-tape-nails-inc-leather-effect-noho-renaissance-cosmetics-rosie-osie-sinful-colors-charmedThere were a couple of small blipses with my striping tape application, but overall it was pretty good. The secret to a good tape mani is that you have to wait until you think the polish is completely dry, and then wait even longer before applying the tape! If the polish isn’t really truly dry through, it’s likely to peel up again with the tape. nail-art-lines-striping-tape-nails-inc-leather-effect-noho-renaissance-cosmetics-rosie-osie-sinful-colors-charmedWhat do you think of my final nails for the challenge? I’ve enjoyed this challenge but I’m glad it’s over – posting every day is tough! I’ll be returning to a more manageable posting schedule now, but don’t worry, you can still expect plenty of nail art! nail-art-lines-striping-tape-nails-inc-leather-effect-noho-renaissance-cosmetics-rosie-osie-sinful-colors-charmedHere were all the themes from the challenge… if you missed anything, go back and take a look at it! nagg-igDon’t forget to take a look at the final day nails done my the other participants at the link: