Nail Art A Go-Go Challenge Day 3: Warm vs Cool

Hi everyone!

It’s day 3 of the Nail Art A Go-Go Challenge hosted by Gnarly Gnails and today’s theme is Warm vs Cool. I decided to go with not just a warm vs cool colour scheme, but also actual warm vs cool images combined with the absolute hottest and coldest polishes I have in my stash! nails-i-love-nail-polish-ilnp-absolute-zero-essence-special-effect-topper-glorious-aquarius-sally-hansen-lustre-shine-lava-stamped-tip-top-nail-chic-armourplate-essence-nail-art-stampy-polish-stamp-me!-black-moyou-roxy-collection-01-flames-bm-319-snowflakes-bm-323Nothing is colder than absolute zero, so I started with 2 coats of I Love Nail Polish’s Absolute Zero on my thumb, index finger and pinkie. Not much is hotter than lava, so I did 3 coats of Sally Hansen Lustre Shine Lava on my middle and ring fingers. I added a coat of Essence Special Effect Topper in Glorious Aquarius to my three ‘cold’ fingers to add to a falling snow effect. nails-i-love-nail-polish-ilnp-absolute-zero-essence-special-effect-topper-glorious-aquarius-sally-hansen-lustre-shine-lava-stamped-tip-top-nail-chic-armourplate-essence-nail-art-stampy-polish-stamp-me!-black-moyou-roxy-collection-01-flames-bm-319-snowflakes-bm-323Finally, I added stamping using the flames from Moyou Roxy Collection 01 and Essence Stamp me! Black on my middle and ring finger, and snowflakes from BM-319 and BM-323 and Tip Top Nail Chic Armourplate on my thumb, index finger and pinkie. nails-i-love-nail-polish-ilnp-absolute-zero-essence-special-effect-topper-glorious-aquarius-sally-hansen-lustre-shine-lava-stamped-tip-top-nail-chic-armourplate-essence-nail-art-stampy-polish-stamp-me!-black-moyou-roxy-collection-01-flames-bm-319-snowflakes-bm-323Guys, I’m pretty proud of this one. The stamping went perfectly, and I really couldn’t get any warmer or cooler than the lovely colours I used.

nails-i-love-nail-polish-ilnp-absolute-zero-essence-special-effect-topper-glorious-aquarius-sally-hansen-lustre-shine-lava-stamped-tip-top-nail-chic-armourplate-essence-nail-art-stampy-polish-stamp-me!-black-moyou-roxy-collection-01-flames-bm-319-snowflakes-bm-323I hope you liked these nails too!nails-i-love-nail-polish-ilnp-absolute-zero-essence-special-effect-topper-glorious-aquarius-sally-hansen-lustre-shine-lava-stamped-tip-top-nail-chic-armourplate-essence-nail-art-stampy-polish-stamp-me!-black-moyou-roxy-collection-01-flames-bm-319-snowflakes-bm-323Here are the remaining themes:

nagg-igAnd don’t forget to take a look at the warm vs cool mani’s done by the other ladies taking part in this challenge: