Nail Art A Go-Go Challenge Day 9: Inner Geek


Hi everyone!

Today’s theme for Gnarly Gnail’s Nail Art A-Go-Go challenge is Inner Geek and I took the opportunity to create some Dr Who nails! I am a huge fan of Dr Who and I had such a fun time creating these 🙂

nails-dr-who-suit-nyx-matte-chocolate-essence-colour-&-go-mister-rusty-tip-top-baby-cheeks-crushed-grapes-gold-digger-black-on-black-sinful-colors-tardis-nails-inc-belgrave-place-baker-street-snow-me-white-dalek-catrice-genius-in-the-bottle-cyberman-sally-hansen-pedal-to-the-metal-silence-hey-nude!-nail-artTa-daa! I am really proud of these, and if you’re a Whovian, it should be pretty obvious what’s going on on my nails. I’m not going to go into a whole lot of detail about the origins or meaning of each nail, I’ll just focus on the nail art – if you watch the show, you’ll get the nails. Dr Who nails have been done many times before, and I took inspiration from several different nail artists – this post by Gnarly Gnails for the Dalek and the Doctor’s suit; this post by Globe & Nail for the Cyberman and the Silence markings; and this post by Work/Play/Polish for the TARDIS. nails-dr-who-suit-nyx-matte-chocolate-essence-colour-&-go-mister-rusty-tip-top-baby-cheeks-crushed-grapes-gold-digger-black-on-black-sinful-colors-tardis-nails-inc-belgrave-place-baker-street-snow-me-white-dalek-catrice-genius-in-the-bottle-cyberman-sally-hansen-pedal-to-the-metal-silence-hey-nude!-nail-artI have also done TARDIS nails once before on my blog – here – but it’s my first time with the rest of the Dr Who nail art. I used a ton of different polishes for this. For the Doctor’s suit on my thumb, I used Nail Addict by Tip Top – Baby Cheeks for the shirt, a mixture of NYX Matte Chocolate and Essence Mister Rusty for the jacket, Tip Top Nail Chic Crushed Grapes for the bowtie, and Tip Top Nail Chic Gold Digger for the buttons. I outlined using Sinful Colors Black on Black. nails-dr-who-suit-nyx-matte-chocolate-essence-colour-&-go-mister-rusty-tip-top-baby-cheeks-crushed-grapes-gold-digger-black-on-black-sinful-colors-tardis-nails-inc-belgrave-place-baker-street-snow-me-white-dalek-catrice-genius-in-the-bottle-cyberman-sally-hansen-pedal-to-the-metal-silence-hey-nude!-nail-artFor the TARDIS on my index finger, I started with Nails Inc Baker Street, and did the darker blocks in Nails Inc Belgrave Place. The windows were done with Sinful Colors Snow Me White and the doorknob with Tip Top Nail Chic Gold Digger. Again, outlines were done using Sinful Colors Black on Black. nails-dr-who-suit-nyx-matte-chocolate-essence-colour-&-go-mister-rusty-tip-top-baby-cheeks-crushed-grapes-gold-digger-black-on-black-sinful-colors-tardis-nails-inc-belgrave-place-baker-street-snow-me-white-dalek-catrice-genius-in-the-bottle-cyberman-sally-hansen-pedal-to-the-metal-silence-hey-nude!-nail-artThe Dalek on my middle finger – which (smearing aside) I LOVE – was done using Catrice Genius in the Bottle as the main colour, with the studs and the rhinestone coming from the Born Pretty Store and black stripes in Sinful Colors Black on Black.

The Cyberman on my ring finger was done using just Sally Hansen Pedal to the Metal and Sinful Colors Black on Black. nails-dr-who-suit-nyx-matte-chocolate-essence-colour-&-go-mister-rusty-tip-top-baby-cheeks-crushed-grapes-gold-digger-black-on-black-sinful-colors-tardis-nails-inc-belgrave-place-baker-street-snow-me-white-dalek-catrice-genius-in-the-bottle-cyberman-sally-hansen-pedal-to-the-metal-silence-hey-nude!-nail-artFinally, the markings representing counting the Silence on my pinkie were done with firstly a coat of Tip Top – Baby Cheeks, then Essence Hey, Nude! and the markings themselves in Sinful Colors Black on Black. nails-dr-who-suit-nyx-matte-chocolate-essence-colour-&-go-mister-rusty-tip-top-baby-cheeks-crushed-grapes-gold-digger-black-on-black-sinful-colors-tardis-nails-inc-belgrave-place-baker-street-snow-me-white-dalek-catrice-genius-in-the-bottle-cyberman-sally-hansen-pedal-to-the-metal-silence-hey-nude!-nail-artWhat do you think of my Dr Who themed nails? I think they’re one of my favourite nail art designs I’ve ever done 😀

Tomorrow’s theme is night sky, here are the rest of the challenge themes:nagg-igAnd, as always, don’t forget to check out the other geeky nails done for today: