A Springy Glitter Gradient


Hi everyone!

Today I’ve taken a break from the stamping to bring you a combination of a glitter gradient with some decals and stickers.

revlon-parfumerie-wintermint-glitter-gradient-sinful-colors-after-party-butterfly-decals-born-pretty-store-flower-stickers-planet-nails-nail-artEven though autumn is approaching here, this nail art reminded me of spring with the combination of soft green and blue along with the butterflies and flowers. revlon-parfumerie-wintermint-glitter-gradient-sinful-colors-after-party-butterfly-decals-born-pretty-store-flower-stickers-planet-nails-nail-art

I started off with Wintermint from the Revlon Parfumerie range. This one just kept catching my eye until I eventually picked it up. Honestly, scented nail polish does nothing for me – it’s all about the colour – but luckily this combination of delicate green with the small green glitters was pretty enough for me not to mind the minty scent. revlon-parfumerie-wintermint-glitter-gradient-sinful-colors-after-party-butterfly-decals-born-pretty-store-flower-stickers-planet-nails-nail-art

I added a thin coat of Sinful Colors After Party on my thumb and ring fingers, and created a glitter gradient using After Party on my other three fingers. Glitter gradients always end up looking so amazing, I don’t know why I don’t use them more often!revlon-parfumerie-wintermint-glitter-gradient-sinful-colors-after-party-butterfly-decals-born-pretty-store-flower-stickers-planet-nails-nail-art

Next, I added the butterflies, which were water decals from the Born Pretty Store. I love how easy they are to apply, and they make for really pretty nail art 🙂revlon-parfumerie-wintermint-glitter-gradient-sinful-colors-after-party-butterfly-decals-born-pretty-store-flower-stickers-planet-nails-nail-art

I finished off the look with some flower nail stickers from Planet Nails. I really liked this more delicate nail art – what do you think?revlon-parfumerie-wintermint-glitter-gradient-sinful-colors-after-party-butterfly-decals-born-pretty-store-flower-stickers-planet-nails-nail-art