Glitter gradient


Hi everyone!

Last week I had a really bad break on my middle fingernail, so for today I’ve pulled out one from the vault to show you. Unfortunately, my vault is pretty empty, so from Wednesday you’ll be seeing my nubbins! For now, here’s a simple glitter gradient. tip-top-nail-chic-crushed-grapes-gradient-essence-nail-art-special-effect-topper-glitter-on-meThis was really easy to create and I love how interesting the glitter is. I used Tip Top Crushed Grapes as a base. It’s one of my favourite Tip Top colours – it really is the colour of red wine! It’s one of the few shades in the red family that constantly catches my eye.  tip-top-nail-chic-crushed-grapes-gradient-essence-nail-art-special-effect-topper-glitter-on-me

I used Essence’s Glitter on Me to create the gradient. It contains both the fine silver glitter and the bars, so it was really easy to create this look! I just used the polish brush to add progressively more layers of the glitter closer to my tips. tip-top-nail-chic-crushed-grapes-gradient-essence-nail-art-special-effect-topper-glitter-on-me

It may be simple to create, but a glitter gradient is always a winner!tip-top-nail-chic-crushed-grapes-gradient-essence-nail-art-special-effect-topper-glitter-on-me

So there you are – one post with my slightly longer nails before you see the nubbins later this week! I finally took the plunge and bought myself a squishy stamper, so you’ll be seeing my first attempts with that 🙂tip-top-nail-chic-crushed-grapes-gradient-essence-nail-art-special-effect-topper-glitter-on-me