Jamberry Nail Wraps – review


Hi everyone!

A few weeks ago I was contacted on Instagram by MadisJamberrys and asked if I’d be interested in trying Jamberry nail wraps. Of course, I was interested in trying them, so she was great enough to send me a sample 🙂

Jamberry makes a huge variety of nail wraps and I received samples of three of them. The first one I tried out was Galactic. Madison recommended watching the application video on her website, and the instructions were fairly straightforward. You basically heat the wrap with a hairdryer, then apply it, and file off any excess. nail-art-jamberry-nail-wrap-sally-hansen-complete-salon-manicure-loves-me-not-nubar-absolute-nail-addict-by-tip-top-galaxyI received a single wrap of each of the three designs, which was enough for two accent nails. As you can see, my application of the first wraps wasn’t perfect, and I got a few wrinkles. As with any type of nail art, you just need a little practice with application to avoid the wrinkles. I quickly learned that it was important to flatten the wrap down the centre of the nail first and then move outward. It also helped to reheat the wrap for a couple of seconds while applying it to keep the glue sticky and the wrap workable. nail-art-jamberry-nail-wrap-sally-hansen-complete-salon-manicure-loves-me-not-nubar-absolute-nail-addict-by-tip-top-galaxy

I applied the wraps on my middle and ring fingers, and on the other fingers I did a gradient of Sally Hansen Loves Me Not and Nubar Absolute, topped with a coat of Tip Top Galaxy. nail-art-jamberry-nail-wrap-sally-hansen-complete-salon-manicure-loves-me-not-nubar-absolute-nail-addict-by-tip-top-galaxy

The Galactic nail wraps are available here.

The second design I tried was Happy-Go-Lucky. The size of this wrap wasn’t quite perfect and I had to trim it a little – when buying the wraps you’d receive a full set and can pick the right sizes for your nails, however, it is easy enough to trim down any which are too large. nail-art-jamberry-nail-wraps-half-moon-rimmel-green-with-envy-saran-wrap-charlie-revlon-lady-in-red-essence-colour-&-go-wanna-be-your-sunshine

I applied these on my index and middle fingers. Even though I still had a few wrinkles, my application was already better. nail-art-jamberry-nail-wraps-half-moon-rimmel-green-with-envy-saran-wrap-charlie-revlon-lady-in-red-essence-colour-&-go-wanna-be-your-sunshine

I combined these with a half-moon design on my other fingers. I started with Rimmel Green With Envy and then created the half-moon using Charlie Revlon Lady in Red and Essence Wanna Be Your Sunshine with the saran wrap/cling wrap technique. nail-art-jamberry-nail-wraps-half-moon-rimmel-green-with-envy-saran-wrap-charlie-revlon-lady-in-red-essence-colour-&-go-wanna-be-your-sunshine

These wraps are available here.

The final wraps I received were Poised Plaid. jamberry-nail-wrap-plaid-tip-top-nail-chic-purple-reign

As you can see, my application became better here with just one wrinkle on my ring finger. This shows how easy these are to apply – you just need to practice on a couple of nails before it starts looking perfect. jamberry-nail-wrap-plaid-tip-top-nail-chic-purple-reignI kept my other nails simple with just Tip Top Purple Reign, and this ended up being my favourite of the three looks. I really love the pattern on these wraps and it’s something that would be virtually impossible to create without the wraps! jamberry-nail-wrap-plaid-tip-top-nail-chic-purple-reign

These are available here.

The best thing about these wraps is the ability to create almost instant beautiful nail art. They really look great and by using them as accent nails as I have here you can make one pack go a long way. I didn’t wear them long enough to speak on wear, but I can tell you that one of these wraps went through a martial arts class which usually destroys any nail art I’m wearing and it still looked perfect. It might take a couple of tries to apply these without wrinkles, but what type of nail art doesn’t take a couple of tries?

Unfortunately, Jamberry doesn’t ship to South Africa at this time, but if you’re in the US or Canada go check out their website! They have a huge variety of wraps available, and some of them look so pretty that I’m sad I can’t order some more for myself!