Pastel Gradient with Renaissance Cosmetics


Hi everyone!

Today I pulled out my lovely polishes from Renaissance Cosmetics (swatched here) again to create some nail art. I went for a simple gradient but I think it turned out really lovely!renaissance-custom-lacquer-gradient-love...-everyday-l'hiver-nails-nail-artI started but painting my nails with a coat of Love… Everyday, and then sponged on the gradient with Love… Everyday and L’Hiver. Even though these two are from different collections, it’s like they’re made for each other! They look amazing together. renaissance-custom-lacquer-gradient-love...-everyday-l'hiver-nails-nail-artBecause I sponged the gradient on, the glitter became a little more concentrated than it would with normal application – which I loved even more, of course. renaissance-custom-lacquer-gradient-love...-everyday-l'hiver-nails-nail-artThis was just so delicate and pretty. I especially love L’Hiver!

Once that was done, I decided to try some stamping with Rosie-Osie. Because it was so opaque when I swatched it, I thought it would work well for stamping. renaissance-custom-lacquer-gradient-love...-everyday-l'hiver-nails-nail-art-stamped-with-rosie-osie-moyou-mother-nature-collection-01I used Moyou Mother Nature Collection 01 for the stamping, with a design of hanging hearts. It’s not the best stamping I’ve ever done but I liked it anyway – it complimented the delicate gradient well. renaissance-custom-lacquer-gradient-love...-everyday-l'hiver-nails-nail-art-stamped-with-rosie-osie-moyou-mother-nature-collection-01This is a lot more girly and delicate than most designs I show on this blog, but I really liked it and I got a few compliments on it too 🙂 I hope you’ve also enjoyed it!renaissance-custom-lacquer-gradient-love...-everyday-l'hiver-nails-nail-art-stamped-with-rosie-osie-moyou-mother-nature-collection-01