Roses and stripes with Renaissance Custom Lacquer


Hi everyone!

Today I’ve used the four Renaissance Cosmetics polishes I swatched here in some fun and girly nail art. I wanted to do some nail art with all four to show how great they go together. Since these polishes are made by the fantastic Meghan of Will Paint Nails For Food, I decided to replicate some roses and stripes nail art she recently created. renaissance-cosmetics-custom-lacquer-rosie-osie-l'hiver-love...-everyday-black-heart-don't-care-nailsI started off with two coats of L’Hiver on my thumb, index finger, and pinkie, and two coats of Black Heart, Don’t Care on my middle and ring fingers. I was careful to avoid the heart glitters as I didn’t want the nail art to become too busy. renaissance-cosmetics-custom-lacquer-rosie-osie-l'hiver-love...-everyday-black-heart-don't-care-nails

I created the roses next using Love… Everyday and Rosie-Osie and then used the same two polishes for the stripes. I also added a few ‘leaves’ using L’Hiver, although they came out pretty subtle and not all that leafy. renaissance-cosmetics-custom-lacquer-rosie-osie-l'hiver-love...-everyday-black-heart-don't-care-nails

I love how delicate and girly this is. I also love how well these four polishes fit together!renaissance-cosmetics-custom-lacquer-rosie-osie-l'hiver-love...-everyday-black-heart-don't-care-nails

This was some pretty simple nail art but it looks really great. Definitely something I’ll revisit in the future! renaissance-cosmetics-custom-lacquer-rosie-osie-l'hiver-love...-everyday-black-heart-don't-care-nails

What do you think of these roses and stripes?renaissance-cosmetics-custom-lacquer-rosie-osie-l'hiver-love...-everyday-black-heart-don't-care-nails