Round-up: Nail Art A-Go-Go Challenge


Hi everyone!

If you’re a fairly regular reader on this blog, you’ll know that during the month of February I did the Nail Art A-Go-Go Challenge hosted by Gnarly Gnails. It was 28 days of nail art, and it was a lot of fun! I managed the daily nail art, I tried a bunch of new techniques, and I did some designs that I was pretty proud of. Let’s start off by taking a look at the themes covered by the challenge:nagg-igAll of them were pretty artistically themed – what better to choose for nail art?

Here are all the nails I created throughout the challenge:

summary-nail-art-a-go-go-challengeI had a really tough time picking out my favourites, so in the end I decided that I had to pick one favourite from each of the four weeks of the challenge.

weekly-favourites-nail-art-a-go-go-challengeFrom week one, I picked the nails I did for the Warm vs Cool theme. I had fun picking out polishes with warm and cool names, I was happy with my stamping, and I liked the overall effect. I was also pretty fond of my neon nimbus nails.

From week two, I had to pick the Doctor Who Nails I did for the Inner Geek theme. Maybe none of the techniques I used was groundbreaking or very difficult, but because I’m a Dr Who fan I just loved having this on my nails! It was a challenge picking my favourite from week two, because on the first three days of the week I did three of my favourite nail arts ever – so I have to give a special mention to my Night Sky nails and my Vintage Rose nails.

My week three favourites were my glitter placement nails done for the animation theme. These have been done quite a bit lately but it was my first time trying glitter placement and I absolutely loved the overall effect. My Sci-Fi nails also have to be mentioned – it was the first time I tried to create a starburst pattern with a water marble and I was fairly successful, and very happy with them!

Finally, from week four, my favourites were my  Persistence of Memory nails for the Surrealism theme. I loved these because they turned out far better than I expected, and I love the artwork they’re based on! Even though those were my absolute favourites, I was also crazy about my abstract nails.

Of course, on the other side of the scale, there are those that I may not have liked all that much… and there are even a few that didn’t make the cut!


My first try at the achromatic nails got scrapped because aside from poor stamping, my top coat bubbled horrendously! The poor lighting setup I had while doing these did nothing to redeem them, either. In the end I used the same larger square stamp, but I decided to go for a chess theme as well and I liked it a lot better.

The second fail happened when I tried to copy a design by Will Paint Nails for Food for my still life theme. She makes it look so effortless, but it was a disaster! Luckily, the vintage rose nails I did instead were a great success.

Fail number three happened when I tried to recreate Starry, Starry Night on my nails. I love the painting but something just went wrong in translation, and a mess resulted. Again, though, I absolutely loved the Night Sky nails I did instead.

The fourth fail happened when I tried to create my very first stamping decals for Round and Square. I made them way too thick and they wrinkled and creased very unattractively over my nails – but I didn’t give in and I ended up using my second ever stamping decals for the theme anyway. They still weren’t perfect, but they were better than these!

The fifth and final mani which got cut was a pop art themed one that was originally intended for the abstract day. Although I loved the images, I had some trouble stamping the tiny dots. I was still undecided until the lousy lighting setup I had while doing this – I was visiting family – resulted in not-so-great pictures. The colourfulness of the abstract nails I did instead make it more than worthwhile!

During the course of the challenge, I tried a whole bunch of new techniques. That’s one of the things that’s great about doing a challenge like this – I doubt I’d ever try as many as six new techniques in a normal month!new-techniques-nail-art-a-go-go-challenge

I started it off by doing my first nimbus nails for the neon theme. It was fun, quick, and looked really great! Perfect for some quick but awesome nail art. Next, I braved water spotting for my camouflage nails. The effect wasn’t quite what I anticipated, but it was perfect for the theme. I also tried creating stamping decals for the first time. I think I need a lot more practice, but I was proud of myself for trying it! My fourth new technique was my first ever attempt at glitter placement. It was super sparkly – and it took forever, of course! I also tried creating waterfall nails for the first time. Finally, I did my first splatter nails, using a straw to spray the polish over my nails. That was a lot of fun – and a big mess!

Which were your favourites from the challenge?

If you missed any, just click on the thumbnails below to view the full post:sinful-colors-black-on-black-snow-me-white-bm-320-moyou-artist-03-chess-nails-king-queennails-gradient-catrice-genius-in-a-bottle-sinful-colors-out-the-this-world-sally-hansen-lustre-shine-scarab-sinful-colors-opal-glitternails-i-love-nail-polish-ilnp-absolute-zero-essence-special-effect-topper-glorious-aquarius-sally-hansen-lustre-shine-lava-stamped-tip-top-nail-chic-armourplate-essence-nail-art-stampy-polish-stamp-me!-black-moyou-roxy-collection-01-flames-bm-319-snowflakes-bm-323tip-top-nail-chic-fairy-dust-sally-hansen-good-to-grape-and-purple-pulse-gradient-half-moonessence-colour-&-go-flashy-pumpkin-essie-dots-of-lux-dotted-dotting-gradientnimbus-nails-sinful-colors-snow-me-white-tip-top-nail-chic-walking-on-sunshine-cyan-can-can-grape-dance-as-the-beat-grows-on-get-the-party-started-salsa-pop