Swatches: Rimmel Space Dust Collection


Hi everyone!

Today I have swatches of all 5 polishes from Rimmel’s Space Dust collection. I know for you US/UK ladies this collection is old news, and probably already disappearing from your shelves, but it is a new arrival here in South Africa. I was so excited to see it since I’d loved all the swatches I saw that I bought all 5 the second I saw them. When I got home I wondered if I really needed them all, but I am glad I did get them all because the couple I might have skipped, I ended up loving!

First up, I’ll address the formula of these. I found that they all had a great formula which dried really quickly. They were a tad on the thicker side but applied really smoothly and it actually made them easier to control. I used 2 coats for all the swatches below. rimmel-space-dust-aurora-swatch-nailsThis is Aurora. This was the one that I wondered if I really should have bought it when I got home… but then I put it on. I LOVED it! This is a rose gold shade and I have nothing else even close to this in my collection. I found that it was more rosey in shade or dimmer lighting, and the gold came out more in the sun. rimmel-space-dust-aurora-swatch-nailsThe larger glitter pieces made it really sparkly too! One reason I was skeptical was that I struggle to find golden shades that look good on my skin tone, but this one looked great and it’s definitely a winner with me. rimmel-space-dust-aurora-swatch-nailsNext up was Luna Love. This is a rich pink, almost magenta texture with tiny bluish sparkles. It doesn’t have the larger glitter pieces but it’s still super sparkly. luna-love-rimmel-space-dust-swatch-nailsThis one is also completely unique to my collection. I have red textures and a pale pink or two – but no dark, rich pink like this. I love it and I’m already imagining some nail art possibilities with this one!luna-love-rimmel-space-dust-swatch-nailsYou can see how the blue sparkle helps this become almost-purple-but-not in some pictures. Lovely!luna-love-rimmel-space-dust-swatch-nailsThe third polish in this collection is Moon Walking. This one is more my usual style and definitely one I was excited to get on my nails. moon-walking-rimmel-space-dust-swatch-nailsIt’s a purple texture and, like Aurora, it has some larger glitters which make it extra sparkly. It is an interesting shade since the purple is not that bright and has almost a silvery quality to it (even though there’s no silver in there). moon-walking-rimmel-space-dust-swatch-nailsThe polish in my collection that was the closest to this one was OPI Can’t Let Go, however, Can’t Let Go is in a darker base and contains larger glitters. Moon Walking also comes across as more sparkly. moon-walking-rimmel-space-dust-swatch-nails

Next we have Shooting Star. This is a stunning silver texture and it again features the slightly larger sparkly glitter pieces. shooting-star-rimmel-space-dust-swatch-nailsThis polish is the perfect balance between elegance and bling. It’s a delightfully elegant shade of silver, but at the same time, it looks like your nails are wearing their own personal tiny diamond jewellery! Definitely another winner in my books. shooting-star-rimmel-space-dust-swatch-nailsThe closest polish I had to this in my collection was OPI It’s Frosty Outside. The OPI appears to be a lighter and slightly sheerer shade of silver, and the larger glitters in Shooting Star are much denser – making the polish a lot more blingy. shooting-star-rimmel-space-dust-swatch-nailsThe final polish in this collection was Total Eclipse. total-eclipse-rimmel-space-dust-texture-swatch-nailsThis is a black-based texture, but what made this one special – and unique – is the addition of teal glitters. It doesn’t have the larger glitters like Aurora, Moon Walking and Shooting Star, but it is filled with sparkly goodness nonetheless. total-eclipse-rimmel-space-dust-texture-swatch-nailsYou can see the teal sparkles in these pictures, but it appears quite subtle. However, take a step outside into the sun, and it becomes in-your-face beauty! I was only able to get indoor pictures of this so you’ll have to take my word for it, but the second I stepped outside, this became a major winner for me. total-eclipse-rimmel-space-dust-texture-swatch-nails

Overall, I think I’ve made it pretty clear I loved all of these! In my opinion, this is a fantastic collection. I’m so glad I was finally able to get my hands on them! What do you think? Do you have any of these beauties? Which are your favourites?