April Tri-Polish Challenge Part 1: Roses


Hi everyone!

My posting schedule is a bit off this week. After the long weekend we took for my boyfriend’s birthday I did my Monday post on Tuesday and only after posting it did I realise I was supposed to do my Tri-Polish Tuesday post.

I took part in this challenge a few times last year but I haven’t had a chance for it yet this year. The rules have changed a little and instead of using the exact same 3 polishes for each nail art design you only have to use the same 3 colours and you can switch polishes each week.

This month the colours are pink, yellow and blue. Here’s what I came up with:essence-colour-&-go-wanna-be-your-sunshine-happy-end-revolution-saphire-roses-nail-artI love taking part in challenges like these because it helps me think of nail art ideas that might not have occurred to me otherwise. I did similar roses back in one of my first ever blog posts – although these ones look a lot better!essence-colour-&-go-wanna-be-your-sunshine-happy-end-revolution-saphire-roses-nail-artI started off with a gradient of Essence Wanna Be Your Sunshine and Happy End. I really love how these two combined to create a lovely peachy shade!essence-colour-&-go-wanna-be-your-sunshine-happy-end-revolution-saphire-roses-nail-artI next created the roses with a dotting tool and Revolution Saphire (clearly meant to be Sapphire). It’s a very dense, fine glitter polish which gave a slight textured finish. That’s exactly what I was going for so I decided not to top coat it. essence-colour-&-go-wanna-be-your-sunshine-happy-end-revolution-saphire-roses-nail-art

To my surprise, my bottle of Wanna Be Your Sunshine is almost empty. I never wear yellow polish except in nail art because it tends to clash with my skin tone, so for a long time it was my only yellow (now it’s one of two in my collection). I’ve clearly done enough nail art with this yellow to use up almost the whole bottle!essence-colour-&-go-wanna-be-your-sunshine-happy-end-revolution-saphire-roses-nail-artWhat do you think of my roses?essence-colour-&-go-wanna-be-your-sunshine-happy-end-revolution-saphire-roses-nail-art

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