Ice Cream Nails


Hi everyone!

It’s time for another ‘Neverending Pile’ post. Today’s prompt is Pastels and I decided to use the Essence Me & My Ice Cream polishes to create some appropriate Ice Cream nails!ice-cream-nails-tip-top-baby-cheeks-essence-mister-rusty-nyx-matte-chocolate-sinful-colors-snow-me-white-essence-me-&-my-ice-cream-ben-&-cherries-always-in-my-mint-icylicious-ice-ice-baby-grazia-caviarIce cream nails have been done plenty of times before and I don’t know who did them first or where I first saw them, but this is my first attempt at creating them. With this mani I managed to use 4 untried pastels!ice-cream-nails-tip-top-baby-cheeks-essence-mister-rusty-nyx-matte-chocolate-sinful-colors-snow-me-white-essence-me-&-my-ice-cream-ben-&-cherries-always-in-my-mint-icylicious-ice-ice-baby-grazia-caviarI started off with the main colour of the cone as my base. I didn’t have a good shade for this so I mixed Tip Top Baby Cheeks and Essence Mister Rusty. I used my biggest dotting tool to create the shape of the ice cream using Sinful Colors Snow Me White as a base for the pastels. ice-cream-nails-tip-top-baby-cheeks-essence-mister-rusty-nyx-matte-chocolate-sinful-colors-snow-me-white-essence-me-&-my-ice-cream-ben-&-cherries-always-in-my-mint-icylicious-ice-ice-baby-grazia-caviarI then used the 4 Essence Me & My Ice Cream shades for the ice cream, with Always in my Mint on my thumb and middle finger, Ben & Cherries on my index finger, Icylicious on my ring finger, and Ice, Ice Baby on my pinkie finger. ice-cream-nails-tip-top-baby-cheeks-essence-mister-rusty-nyx-matte-chocolate-sinful-colors-snow-me-white-essence-me-&-my-ice-cream-ben-&-cherries-always-in-my-mint-icylicious-ice-ice-baby-grazia-caviarFor the criss-cross pattern on the cones, I used a fine nail art brush and NYX Matte Chocolate. I used pearl rhinestones from the Born Pretty Store for the cherries and finally for the sprinkles I topped it with some Caviar beads from the Grazia Night Out Caviar Nails Kit. The kit comes with 2 bottles of caviar beads and even though I’d used the other ones, it was also the first time I tried these multicoloured beads. ice-cream-nails-tip-top-baby-cheeks-essence-mister-rusty-nyx-matte-chocolate-sinful-colors-snow-me-white-essence-me-&-my-ice-cream-ben-&-cherries-always-in-my-mint-icylicious-ice-ice-baby-grazia-caviarWhat do you think of this look?ice-cream-nails-tip-top-baby-cheeks-essence-mister-rusty-nyx-matte-chocolate-sinful-colors-snow-me-white-essence-me-&-my-ice-cream-ben-&-cherries-always-in-my-mint-icylicious-ice-ice-baby-grazia-caviarRemember, you can also take part in the challenge if you’d like! Just check out the Facebook Group. Here are the prompts:npc-graphicTake a look at the other Pastel nails for today: