Jelly Sandwich


Hi everyone

It’s Friday! I hope you all enjoy the weekend 🙂

Today I have a jelly sandwich for you – for the first time EVER! I’ve never done one before because I have very few jelly polishes. A few weeks ago I saw this post by Madness Nails and I found out that Tip Top Cream Puff is perfect for the job!tip-top-cream-puff-essence-nail-art-special-effect-topper-get-the-party-startedI bought Cream Puff months ago and at the time I was actually looking for a good opaque white, so I was pretty disappointed in it. At the time I didn’t know how much I’d be loving its crelly goodness now!tip-top-cream-puff-essence-nail-art-special-effect-topper-get-the-party-startedI started by laying down a coat of Cream Puff, then I added a coat of Essence Get the Party Started. It’s a new glitter topper so I was keen to try it out. I then added another coat of Cream Puff, a second coat of Get the Party Started, and a final coat of Cream Puff. tip-top-cream-puff-essence-nail-art-special-effect-topper-get-the-party-startedThis is amazing for me because it is reminiscent of all of the crelly-based indie glitters that have been coming out the past few months – and that I don’t have! I will definitely be trying this with a few different glitters! tip-top-cream-puff-essence-nail-art-special-effect-topper-get-the-party-startedAs I was creating this I actually realised how few good glitter toppers I have, too. I’m glad a brand like Essence explores a range of finishes and I wish some more of the mainstream brands available here would, too. tip-top-cream-puff-essence-nail-art-special-effect-topper-get-the-party-startedWhat do you think of my first ever jelly sandwich?tip-top-cream-puff-essence-nail-art-special-effect-topper-get-the-party-started