Neverending Pile Challenge: Jellies


Hi everyone!

Today’s theme for the neverending pile challenge is jelly polishes. I don’t have a lot of jellies but it just so happens that I picked two up recently. I didn’t even realise they were jellies at the time but now I got to put them to good use!pond-nails-hearts-essence-hello-spring!-purple-sugar-nail-candies-always-in-my-mint-sugar-pie-honey-bunch-sinful-colors-opal-glitterI created my first pond manicure. I followed this tutorial on Adventures in Acetone, and it seems like this manicure by OliveView Fashion was the first to use this technique. pond-nails-hearts-essence-hello-spring!-purple-sugar-nail-candies-always-in-my-mint-sugar-pie-honey-bunch-sinful-colors-opal-glitterThe idea is to layer the jelly polishes with a pattern (hearts, in this case) to create some depth – like they’re all floating at different depths in a pond. I think these jellies may have been a little too light to really make this work, but the purple worked a little better than the green. They did look dainty and pretty though!pond-nails-hearts-essence-hello-spring!-purple-sugar-nail-candies-always-in-my-mint-sugar-pie-honey-bunch-sinful-colors-opal-glitterI managed to use up 4 untrieds in this mani, because I started with a base colour to ensure opacity with the jellies. You can’t really see the base any more, but hey, I used ’em! I started with Essence Hello, Spring! on my thumb, middle and pinkie fingers and Purple Sugar on my index and ring fingers. pond-nails-hearts-essence-hello-spring!-purple-sugar-nail-candies-always-in-my-mint-sugar-pie-honey-bunch-sinful-colors-opal-glitterI used a dotting tool and Sinful Colors Snow Me White to create a few hearts on each nail, then added a coat of Essence Nail Candies in Always in My Mint to the green nails and Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch to the purples. I repeated this about 3 times and then on the last layer of hearts, I added one heart in Sinful Colors Black on Black to each nail. I added another coat of the jellies, then a coat of Sinful Colors Opal Glitter to give it some sparkle! I actually really liked this look. The paleness of the jellies made it really girly and sweet. My boyfriend said it looked like sweets, so I guess the Nail Candies are appropriately named!pond-nails-hearts-essence-hello-spring!-purple-sugar-nail-candies-always-in-my-mint-sugar-pie-honey-bunch-sinful-colors-opal-glitterWhat do you think of these? Have you tried a pond mani before?pond-nails-hearts-essence-hello-spring!-purple-sugar-nail-candies-always-in-my-mint-sugar-pie-honey-bunch-sinful-colors-opal-glitterTake a look at some more untried jellies at the link: