Swatches: Tip Top Silence Collection


Hi everyone!

I was recently browsing through the shelves at Clicks when a Tip Top shade I didn’t recognise caught my eye. I soon realised one of the new collections they’ve been teasing us with for ages had been released! I managed to find all 6 polishes from the new Silence collection and I just had to show you.

Before we get to the pictures, I must apologise for anything strange looking with my thumb nail on the first few. I had a bad break and I tried to patch it – after the first few I realised it wasn’t working so well so I just shortened all my nails (so you’ll also see a change in nail shape halfway through the post!) At least you still get to see some beautiful polishes!

The formula of all of these polishes was fantastic – they went on smoothly. Some required two coats and others three but all of them were easy to work with. I’ll start off with my favourite of the bunch:tip-top-nail-chic-champagne-whispers-silence-collection-swatch

This is 3 coats of Champagne Whispers. It really is the perfect champagne colour. In the bottle it looked halfway between silver and gold but on the nail it pulled a little golder. I think the golden shimmer came across a lot more on the nail. tip-top-nail-chic-champagne-whispers-silence-collection-swatchThis shade is like something halfway between a shimmer and a foil. It’s great because while it’s a more ‘acceptable’ colour, it’s also very beautiful and special. I even wore it for my graduation recently!tip-top-nail-chic-champagne-whispers-silence-collection-swatchIsn’t it lovely?

Next is the other one which stood out from the rest of the collection:tip-top-nail-chic-calm-before-the-storm-silence-collection-swatchThis is two coats of Calm Before The Storm. The reason this is also a stand-out is that most of the others are much more pastel shades than this. I really love the colour on this one too. tip-top-nail-chic-calm-before-the-storm-silence-collection-swatchIt’s also different from anything else I have in my collection, and I love how unique the shade is. tip-top-nail-chic-calm-before-the-storm-silence-collection-swatchNext up is Bits & Peaches:bits-&-peaches-silence-collection-tip-top-nail-chic-swatchThis is two coats. It’s a peach creme with a golden shimmer. Like most of the polishes in the collection, the shimmer was more visible in the bottle, but it added depth to the polish on the nail. bits-&-peaches-silence-collection-tip-top-nail-chic-swatchThis may not be the best polish for my skintone, but it is still very pretty and applied beautifully. bits-&-peaches-silence-collection-tip-top-nail-chic-swatchAfter this, my nail shape changed, like I mentioned at the beginning of the post. But there are still three more beauties to see!tip-top-nail-chic-cool-as-a-cucumber-silence-collection-swatchThis is three coats of Cool as a Cucumber. tip-top-nail-chic-cool-as-a-cucumber-silence-collection-swatchI really, really like this one. It may not be the best for my skin tone either, but I don’t care! It’s pretty! Again, the shimmer gives depth but doesn’t really appear on the nail. This one had a very slight pearly finish, but not too much. tip-top-nail-chic-cool-as-a-cucumber-silence-collection-swatchThe last two were a bit more pearly in finish, which definitely means they’re not for everyone! When I first saw the finish I was a little disappointed but I ended up liking them – I don’t have anything else like them. tip-top-nail-chic-breath-of-fresh-air-silence-collection-swatchThis is two coats of Breath of Fresh Air. It is very pretty and I love the pastel shade, but again, the finish might not be for everyone. tip-top-nail-chic-breath-of-fresh-air-silence-collection-swatchLike a few of the others, the shimmer was more evident in the bottle but translated to depth on the nail. tip-top-nail-chic-breath-of-fresh-air-silence-collection-swatchThe final one in the collection is A Brush of Lilac. tip-top-nail-chic-a-brush-of-lilac-silence-collection-swatchThis is three coats. To me this is more of a pink while the previous one was more of a lilac. tip-top-nail-chic-a-brush-of-lilac-silence-collection-swatchThis one has the most pearlescent finish of them all. I know some may not like it, but I did like the unique finish. The colour is very pretty and girly. tip-top-nail-chic-a-brush-of-lilac-silence-collection-swatchSo, what do you think of this collection? See any you like? Tip Top has been teasing with a few more collections to come out soon and I can’t wait to see the next one!