The Neverending Pile Challenge: Boutique


Hi everyone!

Today’s theme for the Neverending Pile Challenge is a boutique polish and I must admit that I’ve cheated a little on this one. The polish I’ve used isn’t really a boutique polish, but it was the closest I had. It’s not a drugstore polish, it’s only available in limited stores here, and it is at the higher end of what I’ve paid for a polish… so it’s just going to have to count!swatch-nails-inc-sprinkles-sweets-wayThis is 3 coats of Nails Inc Sprinkles Special Effects in Sweets Way. This was one of the first polishes I bought when my obsession began and I’m glad I did – it’s still one of the only polishes of this kind I’ve seen. swatch-nails-inc-sprinkles-sweets-wayIt consists of white, blue, and pink circle glitters in a white crelly base. It needs 3 coats to reach opacity but the glitter payoff is fantastic. swatch-nails-inc-sprinkles-sweets-wayI know the picture on the polish is of a cupcake, but this always makes me think of ice cream, so I decided to make it even ice cream-ier: 3-coats-nails-inc-sprinkles-sweets-way-stamped-with-MLS301-ice-cream-nail-artI stamped with a fun sweets and ice cream image from plate MLS301. 3-coats-nails-inc-sprinkles-sweets-way-stamped-with-MLS301-ice-cream-nail-artThis is a pretty simple look but I thought it was better not to go too complex with such a fantastically busy polish. 3-coats-nails-inc-sprinkles-sweets-way-stamped-with-MLS301-ice-cream-nail-artI love this polish, but there’s a reason it hasn’t appeared here before – there are only so many nail art possibilities with something like this! Hopefully I’ll come up with some more though so it can make another appearance. 3-coats-nails-inc-sprinkles-sweets-way-stamped-with-MLS301-ice-cream-nail-artWhat do you think of the Sprinkles polishes?3-coats-nails-inc-sprinkles-sweets-way-stamped-with-MLS301-ice-cream-nail-artTake a look at some real boutique polishes at the link: