The Neverending Pile Challenge: Had To Have It, Still Haven’t Worn It!


Hi everyone!

I’m back with another installment of the Neverending Pile Challenge. Today’s prompt is ‘Had to have it, still haven’t worn it’ and I had one polish that fit the bill!

It’s no secret that I love textured polishes, but unfortunately, it’s not easy for me to get a hold of some of the textures I want most – including OPI’s liquid sands. So when I happened to see some in a far away salon one day, I had to pick up a couple of my favourites. One of these is Tiffany Case, and I can’t believe it hasn’t appeared on the blog yet!essence-colour-&-go-sparkling-water-lily-opi-liquid-sand-tiffany-case-catrice-crushed-crystals-call-me-princessI confess, I’m stretching the truth with this one. I HAVE worn Tiffany Case on my right hand, but you haven’t seen it here, so I think it’s fair game. The polish is a beautiful turquoise/blue texture – right up my alley!essence-colour-&-go-sparkling-water-lily-opi-liquid-sand-tiffany-case-catrice-crushed-crystals-call-me-princessTo get this look, I started with a base of Essence Sparkling Water Lily. I’ve used this polish in a recent untried post too, on frost day! Once it was properly dry, I used striping tape to create a criss-cross effect on my thumb, index, and pinkie fingers, with diagonal stripes on my middle and ring fingers. essence-colour-&-go-sparkling-water-lily-opi-liquid-sand-tiffany-case-catrice-crushed-crystals-call-me-princessI then sponged on a gradient of OPI Tiffany Case and Catrice Crushed Crystals Call Me Princess. When I saw them in the bottle, I thought the two textures would create a more contrasting, clashing effect, but they actually worked together quite harmoniously and I am very happy with the effect. essence-colour-&-go-sparkling-water-lily-opi-liquid-sand-tiffany-case-catrice-crushed-crystals-call-me-princessThis look turned out a lot girlier than I anticipated – and super pretty!essence-colour-&-go-sparkling-water-lily-opi-liquid-sand-tiffany-case-catrice-crushed-crystals-call-me-princessBoth textures in this were untrieds, so that’s another two down 🙂 essence-colour-&-go-sparkling-water-lily-opi-liquid-sand-tiffany-case-catrice-crushed-crystals-call-me-princess

I hope you enjoyed these nails! 🙂 npc-graphicCheck the link to see the other nails done for this theme: