May Tri-Polish Challenge Part 3: Flowers


Hi everyone!

I’m back with another installment of the tri-polish challenge. This month’s colours are red, purple and green and you can see the first two posts of the month here and here.

While I was trying to think of ideas using these colours, I kept thinking of flowers with red petals, so that’s what I created for today. essence_me_and_my_ice_cream_always_in_my_mint_sally_hansen_sugar_coat_bubble_plum_essence_sparkling_sugar_heart_explosion_black_acrylic_paint_flowersI started with a base of Essence Me & My Ice Cream in Always in my Mint. I used Sally Hansen Sugar Coat in Bubble Plum to create a big dot for the centre of the flower on a different part of each nail. Next, I did the outlines of heart-shaped petals in black acrylic paint. Doing the colour first and then the outline would let you get a more precisely outlined petal, but I did it this way on purpose and let the red overlap the outlines a little to create a more artsy look. essence_me_and_my_ice_cream_always_in_my_mint_sally_hansen_sugar_coat_bubble_plum_essence_sparkling_sugar_heart_explosion_black_acrylic_paint_flowersI used Essence Sparkling Sugar Heart Explosion to fill in the petals. Finally, I added a few black dots in the centre of each flower. I’d intended to leave the flowers textured, but once it was done I decided it’d look better with a top coat. essence_me_and_my_ice_cream_always_in_my_mint_sally_hansen_sugar_coat_bubble_plum_essence_sparkling_sugar_heart_explosion_black_acrylic_paint_flowersI like the flower on my middle finger the best. The one on my thumb came out a little skinny, but I still like all of them together! essence_me_and_my_ice_cream_always_in_my_mint_sally_hansen_sugar_coat_bubble_plum_essence_sparkling_sugar_heart_explosion_black_acrylic_paint_flowersWhat do you think of these?essence_me_and_my_ice_cream_always_in_my_mint_sally_hansen_sugar_coat_bubble_plum_essence_sparkling_sugar_heart_explosion_black_acrylic_paint_flowersTake a look at today’s other tri-polish challenge participants at the link: